Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Flop...OH WELL

 Boring little beige Clarks...but comfy...

This morning I decided to attempt a re-make of some old beige Clarks I've had for a couple of years.  I'd wanted to do it for awhile as I don't wear them cuz they were, well, off I went on this little project.

 Just didn't quite make the grade...they are sort of Wal-Marty...sigh...guess I can wear them around the house..

After spending far too long on them I've decided the idea was a flop...flip flops to be  It's OK that everything we do isn't a masterpiece...we learn, we try, and sometimes we hit the mark, and sometimes we end up with this...:)  Oh well...there's always tomorrow and what ever project I will attempt...(I think to sew a brown leather bag)...

 OOOHHHH AAAHHH...the bling is some kind of crystals ...can't remember the word just at the moment...but still so BLINGY...FUN!!

OR, I could be feeling they are a flop as HERE is my new pair of gorgeous black summer sandles I got while waiting at the mall for my husband while he shopped for a new car...Someone should have told him how dangerous it is to leave his wife at her FAVORITE shoe place for any length of time...Truth be told I came home with two pair, but I felt it best to only show

Next week I'll be off to check on my parents I've been thinking of what sort of contest I will have...hmmm...still thinking...cuz I don't have time to paint when I'm off and running with my VERY energetic mother.  It's always fun to go off with her and see just how many people she has touched in her life...Suffice it to say my beautiful, boundlessly energetic mother is well loved in her community...FUN!

 Husband dear says this is a baby...but STILL, my first bobcat!!

I DID have a bit of an exciting morning however...Walked out to see what our squirrels were jabbering about so loudly and saw my first BOBCAT!  Exciting stuff to see a new creature...This little one was quite skittish, but did return for me to TRY to photograph her/him...The pics aren't that great, but the memory will be!  We have certainly seen our fair share of wildlife while up on this mountain...
Bye little baby bobcat...


Pam Holnback said...

I'd say that you're right! You do see your fair share up on that mountain.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

How exciting to see a bobcat! wow, you live in such a gorgeous place. Can't you just paint over what you're calling your flops?

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

I think I could write a funny little book about some of the experiences! Good memories...cuz I'm still alive to remember! lol

I COULD paint them I want to...:) Perhaps they can just be a failed experiment...lesson learned...:)

martinealison said...

Magnifique ce chat sauvage... j'aime cette idée de redonner une seconde vie à des choses moches et vieilles!

AutumnLeaves said...

Well, admittedly, the style of the shoe isn't my favorite, but I certainly love the leaves all over them, Saundra. I would call it a smashing success, but then green, leaves...I'm in hog heaven! What a gorgeous little bobcat!! You get lots of butt shots with your animals! LOLOL Remember the zoo photos??? LOLOL

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

merci martinealsion! I DO get a lot of butt, I'm over it today...:) I'm just chalking it up to...whatever...:)

Donna B said...

Hi Saundra...Hey! I think you did an adorable job with those Clark sandals. I think they look very "autumny".

A Bobcat in the backyard!!?? you have in door pets?

I need to email you to see if you might happen to know a girlfriend of mine. She and her husband live there in Denver.

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