Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Silver Lining...or gold...

So, when a friend read the last blog entry she wrote back teasing me that I must have a little black cloud over my head...and asked where the silver lining was...So, my silver lining today was this pretty sunrise I woke up to! (and of course the many other blessings I have) Yes, the sun shines on even those with little black clouds over their heads...and YES, we finally have power as of 2 p.m. yesterday, so YEA! It is amazing how much more friendly a house looks when it has power...I sort of wallered up in my house yesterday and was so glad... I'm sad at the trees we husband said I should take pictures, but I just can't...we lost some huge ones and some are bent over nearly to the ground...but that is nature I suppose. Today will be spent tying up those that can be saved...and THEN back to painting...maybe I can even sneak a moment or two today. :) Today is Earth Day, so the sunrise seems even more appropriate!

And, a quick note...I am so anxious to give a collage painting away to one of my followers...we are only 5 away from the goal, so spread the news and let's get on with the sharing!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your trees. I know you are grieving! I'm glad the power is back, and you can find reasons to rejoice again. I think we all need to "gritch" every now and again. Gritch is such a good word--way underused!

Happy painting, Saundra, and thanks for visiting my blog!

Diana said...

What a beautiful sunrise. I hope you'll be painting it. Glad the power is restored.

Jane Hunt said...

Oh my gosh, I've been out of touch with friends blogs for days - I had no idea you were going through all this! Glad the power is back!
I sent a message to you on FB about the new CO blog - but I see you've had a lot going on! I just got accepted and am sure you will too. I'm excited someone beat us to the CO blog idea, because it sounded like a lot of work:)

Dean H. said...

So glad you survived this hard bout with nature! The beautiful sunrise is a real uplift for happy days ahead. Get to painting!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks to you all for your uplifting words! I am smiling and the sun is still shining. Yes, I plan to do a series on my sunrises I've accumulated this summer...soon! And, I DID get back to those paints...ahhh, it felt a new one for tomorrow!!

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