Saturday, October 10, 2009

Exploration brings more questions

When I decided to post my personal dilemma and challenge to find answers to my problem of finding unity with my body of work without making me feel I'm giving something up I knew there would be ups and downs. Yes, I will continue to work and post my end results, but I know it will be a certain amount of showing process and other things I go through to find my answer.

My answer may bring me back to my beginning point, or it may push me further towards the visual unity...or both?? HMMM...interesting.

I was reading in the paper this morning an article about Van Gogh, and found it a tiny bit applicable to my situation, only in the one statement that he had perhaps more method than madness...and the point that he wrote a lot. It sort of reinforces to me that writing about the process is on I go.

On a side note...we woke up to snow and as usual I found something that nature created for us to inspire us...Look how the snow highlighted the work of one of our very busy spiders...based upon the very creative result I'm thinking even spiders get a bit confused from time to time...I'm right on track...cuz today, today...I'm confused...which leads me to this photo of the two works side by side. True the collage is not finished...but I think it is important to view them find the qualities in each that are exciting...or may not work...Let's view each separately.

The painted version is exciting to me because of it's painterly effect. I also enjoy working quickly as it brings a lack of detail in places which allows me to show a bit of detail on my focal area. Plus...a very important part for me is I get bored with work very working quickly is a good thing for me...IMPORTANT INFO FOR MY OVER ALL QUESTION...I like the contrasts of colors...the darks and lights next to each other. I like that parts are left for the viewer to complete in their own way...the leaves underneath. This piece came together in about 40 minutes.

The collage version is exciting because I still have contrast...right now in it's process there is even MORE contrast. (I may paint over some to tone it, or leave it...that is to be decided later). I like that I can still leave a bit to be discovered in the mind of the viewer. The under leaves... I like using different papers, textures to get an effect. BUT, I do NOT like that it takes a bit gives some sharp edges that I may not be after...not sure yet...I also realize that it will be a more expensive piece due to the extra materials and the extra time. So far I've put about 3 hours into this piece.

Another interesting thing to note is that I woke up a bit depressed that I might have to give up just painting to be recognizable. This is my thought process mainly because I answered my first question that I didn't think I could give up the collage element to my work.

So, today, I paint myself like our little spider...confused...but I realize that I am just beginning, so I will put that in a box and continue.

I'm so happy that we have another winner for my latest give-away. James Parker. As soon as I hear back from him I will share what he chose with you.

Happy Painting to you all! Here's to our journey!


AutumnLeaves said...

You know, Saundra...I think it shows an awful lot of growth in your abilities that you are to the point of being ready to really define your unique style of work. For me, at least so far, my lack of style (repeatedly) has become a style unto itself. And yet I'd give anything to be able to paint like all of you artist bloggers that I follow. For me it is simply love, pure and simple, that keeps me going. I am so proud of you and you know what? You'll find it, that uniqueness that defines your work. I honestly do think it is going to be collage AND paint. You just may have to work on the patience side of things (now there is something I've never had but do find it with the art stuff). Do you have a sketch pad? Maybe you could use that for quicker pieces for your own satisfaction and work on the pieces that define your style in small chunks of time. Each time you come back to it you will see something new, I suspect. Just babbling, I guess...Color me confused too because I think you already have a style and it is a fabulous one.

RHCarpenter said...

It's one thing to know "it's the journey," but it's also very nice to know you aren't journeying right off the side of a cliff in the dark! I think you're taking a good, thoughtful way towards your goals and the process will take time but you'll get there. You do have a may not be where you want to end up...but it's there in the softness of your colors, and in the pleasing palette colors you choose. I prefer the painted sunflowers right now (of course, I realize the collage is not finished). Have you thought of adding words to your collage pieces?

James Parker said...

First off, you and the difficult choice of artwork I had to make is posted and linked on my latest blogpost. :-) And next, your work has a fascination and style that is endearing and effective. But, I think the best artists are the ones that never reach a unity or plateau of style and workmanship that they feel comfortable with. Usually, growth stems from trying new applications and methods. The secret lies in learning from those experiences. Some of my favorite artists, like wildlife artist Brest Van Kempen, may spend an hour an a half per square inch on their work. Others may work on a piece for six months or more. I try not to hurry with my artwork, but if I spent that much time, I'd fossilize.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Autumn Leaves, You make some very good points, and I appreciate your commentary. I've learned as I go through this process that a lot of what you say is true! A love of art is the most important part of finding yourself as an artist, so hang in there! That is what has gotten me to this point...I just never give up!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

RH Carpenter, I also appreciate your words. I think I DO have a style...I've noticed that even in my approach to the collage it is similar. I agree with you...I was just talking to another artist friend this weekend; Jane Hunt, and she and I both also like the painted flowers more...for several reasons. I believe this process I am embarking on is a valuable thing as it will give words to my reasons for how I work. Still plugging along!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

I know what you mean James! There is a process in coming to a realization, but ultimately it is the love and the experimentation that clears my artist pallet...I feel I will get to an answer that satisfies both myself and the potential collectors out there. I'm with you...working too slowly stagnates my creativity. I think it is my overblown right brain!! Thank you for your comments. All of these help to get me closer to what I really think about my own work.

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