Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lesson Learned

As artists we will continually be going through thought processes that bring us answers or more questions in search of answers. The amazing thing about loving art so much is that we are continually searching through the eyes we own; which I dare say are a lot like mine; the eyes of a creative soul. I did not wake up one day wanting to be a creative soul, I believe God gave me a gift of the love of art, and the ability to explore. That is what I have been doing. I think it is awesome. I feel lucky whether I am struggling to find a path or working within a path I chose.

I doubt I will finish this collage. For me, the answer to my second question came clear through the process of this piece, and thankfully with the thoughts, advice of other artists and friends. It was like a little village, or a big one, all helping. Those of you who shared, thank you! I think I DO have a style, I am still finding words to talk about it; my process; which is much of what this blog has been about. I think I also have a love of so many different things, and I find that I work in a similar way whether I use collage, just paint, batik, etc. I look at the emotion the visual I see pulls from me and work to describe that emotion with what comes from my fingers. I enjoy seeing a slice of nature, or objects. I love contrast; light against dark. I love showing some detail amidst areas that are left a bit more abstract so that the viewer can finish it with their imagination. I love nature. I love things that give meaning to me or the one it is intended for if that be the case. NOW, I must put those words in a coherent way so that I can come up with a decent artist statement, and if I'm lucky even a brand that means something to me...something I will stick to.

I feel (at this time...we ALWAYS have the right to amend our thoughts) that if I so choose to use collage because it makes more sense, AND I can do it without messing up the integrity of the body of my work I will do so. Like I did with the collage forest in my last post. I've been looking deeper than I have in awhile at what I produce whether it be collage or straight paint. Look at the sunflower quad...the background is similar...the shapes of the flowers very, it would appear that my approach, or style is similar no matter the medium I use. (AND YES...I created a pattern because I didn't want the composition to be the issue...I was looking merely at technique)...but applies!!

VERY OBVIOUS...when I collage flowers it takes so much time BECAUSE of my style or approach that it wouldn't be cost effective...and the answer to question #2 in this sense is it doesn't work. I am like most who have responded...I like the painted version much better. For me I was able to work at the speed I needed so that the emotional response I had stayed with me throughout. And, I hope there is an emotional response to it and the rest. That would be yippee!!

So, onward...paint, paint, paint...sneaking in a bit of the other now and then when it says to...:) (It being the visual before me :))

Thank you my blogger family!

Happy Birthday my most excellent son. You are loved more than I could ever express! And, I'm most proud of you...still as always your biggest fan! LOVE MOM


AutumnLeaves said...

Is that your son, Saundra? He looks like a real cutie. His hair color is amazingly beautiful! What does he do? I kind of want to see that sunflower finished! Of course, completely up to you, but I love how you bring it all home in the end! I have to say I'm lusting after one of your paintings! LOL One day, darlin'. One day!

Art with Liz said...

Wow Saundra, what soul searching you've been doing! And finding answers as well. It's so fantastic when you know which way you want to go - your collages are something else, and I will always associate you with aspens and their beautiful colours. (Hope your son had a great birthday!)

Elizabeth Seaver said...

What a great set of insights, Saundra. You're going to find your way because you are so purposeful and creative. And "ways" can be straight or jagged or curvy....trusting your instincts about your own art and its pursuit is one of the hardest things, I think. We all look forward to your journey, friend!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Girls, Your support and thoughts are so important to me. I know I will find it...not scared of the process either! Liz, I associate me with my aspen as is truly my heart to do them! Autumn Leaves, I may finish it someday, but it will involve a bit of sanding and other things...ha, don't give up on me!! Elizabeth, from a collage person that means alot! Thank you for looking forward to anything from me! :) Been sick the past couple of days, but when I'm back...look out!! :)

Ross Lynem said...

Thank you for sharing your journey and soul searching with us Saundra. I struggle with the same question too! I must say your son is a handsome guy! And i finally got around to passing on the Blogger Award you gave me last month. I am such a procrastinator.
But i am a very grateful one. God bless alway.s

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thank YOU Ross for your comments! And, aren't we all just so busy...I look at it that way rather than procrastination! God bless you right back!!

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