Sunday, October 4, 2009

FINISHED!! (mostly)

Well, I have to say this piece was quite a challenge for me! I took numerous photos of it, and had trouble with reflection on some areas no matter where I photographed it...but for the most part I'M FINISHED!! What I do with things like this is call it done, and then put it away for awhile (I have time as it is a Christmas present as you know) and then when I look at it again after a few weeks I usually see immediately areas that I want to spruce up.

I was getting quite tired of all the lines I opted for a bit of aerial perspective on the field which made me much happier! I initially had thought I'd put much more detail on the close crowd, but I found that when I tried it took the focus off the field; which is the obvious area for focus, so I backed off.

NOW for the Nebraska...I spent an entire day trying to letter it myself...I used linear perspective, a vanishing point...every trick I knew, but because of the angle, the distance, probably the natural distortion of the lens when the photo was taken I was coming up short every time. It was driving me crazy, and it was an important, I simply blew up the photo in order to see it better, and found that it fit perfectly in the space, and it worked!! So, I collaged it on and adjusted the colors to fit with mine, and voila!! For this particular type of painting (not being my chosen subject matter, and for family, and my unfamiliarity with the subject matter) it didn't hurt my feelings at all!!

Now, will I do more to it...probably...a tiny bit here and some of the crowd to the right of the field in the distance...In the photo it looks more white than in life, but I want to look at that part again...and some other minor areas...But, for today, I'm DONE!

I am very anxious to get on to other more familiar subject matter, and something that works a bit more quickly. I don't want to paint quickly just to do more...I just like the spontaneity that seems to come when I don't overthink a thing, and, well...I get bored easily so it seems to work best for me. For subject matter I am familiar with it works out fine.

I'm very happy my wonderful son-in-law asked this of me, and was honored to do it for him...but I think no more football fields for me! HA

Happy Painting to you all!!


Karen Hargett said...

Saundra - well done! I had wondered about the lettering and what you did works very well indeed. I love the whole feel of the painting - you've caught that feel of the game. He is going to love it!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Karen!! I think he might just enjoy it. I am GLAD the lettering worked out like it did! WHEW!!

AutumnLeaves said...

This is so very perfect, Saundra. Your close up shot of the crowd reminds me of the work of Renoir. It is amazing how much work you put into this piece. I love it and think it is awesome. The crowd that looks "white" on the right in your words...Looks to me like those big huge halogen type lights that ring a football field have them highlighted a bit, which to my eye is perfect too. What a project and one in which you handled beautifully!!! Great thinking on the Nebraska name too. I like too how you killed two birds with one stone...solved the lettering problem AND worked in the collage aspect. I find that a particular Saundra Galloway effect that is just so beautiful! (I'm thinking of your aspen paper...)

Nicole said...

Well, I'm just in awe -- it looks terrific! It does a great job of capturing the mood and excitement and doesn't look overworked at all (which it certainly would if I were trying it, lol). Marvellous work!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thank you Autumn Leaves and Nicole! WHEW...I'm still pleased I'm finished! I appreciate your comments so much! I'm off to teach today, taking little painting stuff...let's see if I get something done!!

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