Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yep, still working on the stadium between other life responsibilities. My husband gave me the perfect solution for the Nebraska that is at the end of the field after a day of disappointment with lettering. SO SIMPLE...that is for my son-in-law's painting that is...I'll explain when I unveil the finished product...That brings me to a question...Do any others of you out there find that people just naturally assume that because you are an artist that you can letter?? Now, my dear son-in-law never did...but working on this very important particular part of the painting brought that to mind. I don't mind saying "I DON'T DO LETTERING!!". I'm just not good at it...never have been...don't think I ever will be...mostly cuz I don't like all that precise stuff...:) OK..enough rant...(only for now).

SO, thought I'd include a pic of the latest challenge for "Inspiration All Around Us" hosted by our own Dana Marie. She has been sick, and yesterday asked if someone would contribute a pic for the challenge and I went into my cache of pics and pulled this one out. I encourage any of you who may be so inspired by this to pop over to the site and see if it appeals to you!

And, I also wanted to share a great graphic on the building of the High School I went to today to drop off some subbing promotional materials for the art teachers. I happen to love this is my old high school, and it is a beautiful building...I saw the massive tiger outside when I pulled up and was inspired, so thought I'd pass a little of that along! Hope it made your artist senses tingle a bit!

Hey, we are only ONE follower away from the next give-away! YEA!! I have a question. One of my followers (ok, my brother) tried to follow the link to the other contest choices that is on my side bar and couldn't get there...If you read this will you do me a favor and try it and let me know if it works or not for you? I can get there from my computer, so didn't know there was a problem...Let me know if you would!

Happy Day!!


Charlene Brown said...

Hi Saundra,

When I clicked on the picture to see other choices I was told to register on Facebook, which I did. All that got me was a suggestion for a new friend...! No new choices. But if I won a contest I'd pick 'Night Aspen' anyway...

Loved your story about not being able to letter. Have you tried mouse roman? It's a font sort of like courier or typewriter (but shakier) designed for people who can't print (to make their lettering look like they did it that way on purpose, I think) I use it for annotations on drawings, and used it for a STOP sign in the August challenge on Different Strokes from Different Folks -- It's true, I can't even print STOP properly!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks for telling me Charlene...I think I need to post all the choices as I can't figure out what to do...glad you know what yours would be though!! :)

Yes...I thought about a million things...tried a few...but the perspective and angels and distance made this one tough...I worked it out rather simply...tee hee ...tell you when I finish it...:)

AutumnLeaves said...

Same thing for me, Saundra. I used to be on Facebook but found it just too chaotic so decided to unsubscribe (I guess the term is) a while back. You can probably just add another gadget (or is it called a widget?) for your sidebar (add photo) and do a slide show instead of one photo? I don't know...I use photobucket, but I think that would work. Anyway, I love your entries and so enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas. Can't wait to see how you resolved your lettering issue. I loved doing the detailed things, for some odd reason, though they can overwhelm me at times (so I sit on some pieces until I'm motivated to work on them - bricks leave me unmotivated as I've done so many of them recently)...I look forward to the final result of that beautiful painting. (I'd have not thought of the stadium and field being paintworthy, but you sure have made it beautiful! I think I'm just as excited to see it finished as your SIL will be to get it at Christmas!!)

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thank you Autumn Leaves! I am working on something different, but have to teach will have to be later...Think I'll just post all the contest choices til I get it worked out. And...I'm excited to see the finish too...but, probably more ready!! HA. I'm close! Thanks for letting me know about the side bar!!

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