Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm still here

I feel like it has been weeks since I was truly productive! Being under the weather and trying to climb out of the fog, and now working some kinks out of my latest piece.

The pine forest I'm currently working on has been calling to me with little response, but much desire the past couple of days! Big snows are coming so I've had to take time to find someone to switch my tires out...and getting ready for my brother-in-law to visit has taken me away from my work...aaahhh life!

As you can see it looks quite different than when I first began. I warned you that is how I work...For me, to cover a ground is a big step...and then I get to decide how to proceed. I just LOVE that part!! Sometimes it flows like butter from my fingers, and sometimes I fight with it. I began by turning it upside down and then proceeded to cover it quickly with background. I liked the idea of the yellow on top...however...it just peeks in here and there...FUN!

The problem with a deep forest is there is a TON of information. Real life has way too much information. I began laying in the background thinking it would be light enough to lay far enough into the background, but after laying in preliminary trees I still feel it needs to be pushed back a bit for what will be my foreground trees and branches...so I'm playing with sanding and glazing...that is the fighting part...but I'm not giving up yet!
I spotted some beautiful clouds the other day that I just HAD to share with you cloud lovers....Pretty up here...but we are in for quite a snow tomorrow for a couple of days...so I'm already nervous! Gotta get those snow tires on!! Here's to warm days for as many of you as can get em!


Dean H. said...

Your painting is looking good! I'm a fan of coloring the support and allowing bits to peek through. It harmonizes the work!

AutumnLeaves said...

What a gorgeous painting and gorgeous skies in the photo, Saundra. I like that you turned the piece upside down; probably not something I'd have thought of doing. I don't know if you have finished this piece or not, but to me it looks absolutely stunning as it stands. Hoping you are all better and well-rested. I miss your daily posts!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Dean...I was able to lighten the background which is pushing the foreground trees up like I wanted...NOW TO THE FOLIAGE!!

Autumn Leaves...you are so great for me...especially these days!! I made it better...see comment above...I miss posting...believe me!! Soon to get back on schedule!!

DAVE :{) said...

But...but you turned the painting...upside down!!!
You can't....you can't do that!!! That's just....that's unorthodox and....well, just wrong!!!

I miss being around creative people!

Thanx for your inspiring ideas, sis!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

OH I love you my brother! You make ME laugh!! Hope you tune in later...I did more stuff to it...so...here it comes!! And...you're most welcome my dear!!

RHCarpenter said...

I really enjoy seeing the process from start to finish - it reminds me to never fall in love with a part of a painting because there is always something that could be improved. You are working with hard stuff (to me) with the trees and foliage and getting the look but I like that you're being impressionistic with it, allowing us to fill in spots. And thanks for the cloud show - beautiful! But do keep the snow there, please...

Nancy Medina said...

Love this Saundra, beautiful, expressive color!

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