Thursday, August 28, 2014


The past few days found us in San Diego visiting my most wonderful son Jonathan.  While we were there we crammed as many things in as we could...mostly seeing my son...but he took us to the beach and other are my visual memories I am happy to share with you!  As usual, if you see anything you want to paint here, please feel free...the only thing I ask is to see what you came up with!  ENJOY!

This first photo was one of the birds standing on the rocks waiting for the waves to crash in...I call it "Waiting for the surf"! HA...that can be interpreted in many ways...cuz they eat what comes this could have been surf and turf! HA!

First and foremost was seeing my beautiful son!  He is a joy to my heart!  Love this man!!
My son works at the resort we stayed at...we had a beautiful bungalow on the beach...this was my sunrise!!  Gotta love San Diego!
golf was fun!  My boys!
We did lots of beach on our trip.  I love the sound of the waves!  These are crashing on the rocks on Coronodo Beach.
I love LOVE my boys!
yep...happy us!
seagulls EVERYWHERE!!
and ducks...:)
what spells beach other than poles wound with rope!
Bamboo all over!
I think for flowers, hibiscus is the most beautiful one in Cali.  This pink was right outside our door...Note the color against the it pops in a special way...close to opposite on the color see it with white
still beautiful, but just a different look.  These are great exercises to understand color theory when planning backgrounds!!
 can't do California without a palm or two!!
see the bird in the we have chickadees...there it's whatever these guys are!  FUN!
One of our sites was at Cabrillo National Monument.  In 1542 Juan Cabrillo landed in San Diego, establishing the west coast...(well, something like that)...anyway, this lighthouse is at the top.  On this point you can see ocean on three was AWESOME!!
one thing up there that fascinated me were these trees...WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY???  INTERESTING, that is!!
white hibiscus
bird of paradise
yellow hibiscus
chasin dinner
outside one of the seafood restaurants in San Diego was this GIANT statue of the famous Kiss from VJ day in 1945.  It is SO awesome in person!

SO, it was a fast three days, but all in all was wonderful...MOST OF ALL, I MISS THIS FACE ALREADY!!  Love you Jonathan!!

Hope this inspires!



CrimsonLeaves said...

Looks like a great trip, Saundra. Jonathan has your smile for sure. That yellow hibiscus is stunning!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Just discovered your 'rich' blog via Sherry's (Opined Whimsey). What beautiful art work, great writing and photographs to die for. I was wondering if you would allow me to do a loose painting from the 'chasin dinner' photo? If I don't hear from you I will refrain, no worries!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

It was wonderful to see my Jonathan Crimson Leaves! I DO love those hibiscus!

Kelley, Thank you for stopping by!! I am duly honored and blushing! :) OF COURSE you can paint from any of my photos!! I just like to see what people come up with if they, e-mail me a pic if you think about it!! THANKS!

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