Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Birds on a Light" © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Birds on a Light" completed
6x12" oil on wrapped canvas
will be available on my website when it dries!!

No, I didn't do this twice...it just so happened that it didn't take but a few strokes before I decided to call it finished.  Thanks for those who looked at it and gave me their thoughts yesterday...You probably won't notice the difference as it was so close to being finished...I didn't decide that until late last night.

I had every intention of working on another fun wax collage piece with my new blackbird paper casts today, but due dates for student work and a flurry of presenting of a new assignment kept me hopping...so I hope to have some of it worked out to show you process tomorrow.

This school thing has been quite an eye opener for me.  IF you have followed me for long you know I've taught in the public system for a good number of years.  For many years it was middle school, and this assignment was high school.  I have to say...WOW...I feel a bit sad at the difference from even 5 years ago...Things I've noticed that have changed...Kids making out in the halls with teachers passing by without a comment...ipods in almost every students ears EVEN when the teacher is talking and presenting a new lesson...kids texting RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN now...(yep, that has been going on...but in my other schools they at least hid them in their pockets)!!  I've also noticed the level of entitlement has grown to proportions out of the ball park!!  These kids don't work in class...they work at home (a l"they lost theirs"...or they actually blame the teacher; saying "you never gave me one"...HA...Anyone who has taught for any length of time knows that is not true!  Or, you never told me that...AMAZING!!  Make me sort of sad for when my wonderful grandchildren (when I get some) will be going through school...How can these kids learn if they think their education is someone else's responsibility!! I would be thinking that these issues stemmed from the fact that I am a long term sub with the teacher returning in a few weeks...BUT if you remember I volunteered for weeks before I started and I saw the same behaviors...Oh my!!  God is good...as my prayer before I began this was to make the answer clear as to what I was to do...and I'm telling you that THIS public system isn't for me anymore...and that is OK...I am really more suited for workshops for adults that actually want to learn...BUT, don't be discouraged...perhaps there are young ones out there who can take on this system of entitled kids and actually have the energy to help make changes...Or, do we wait for the pendulum to swing back the other way...cuz it will...hopefully!!

But, I'm here with a smile and a sense of humor in all of this...but secretly anxiously awaiting for the day when I have my other life back...and I'm on the track to doing what I feel is what I am best suited for!! 



Diana said...

This too shall pass.
The public school system...
My daughter took my very creative grand daughter out of school in January. I couldn't be happier.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

I hear you Diana...I KNOW things move in cycles...but it seems to be
s l o w!! The upside is...some kids are great and get it early!! YEA!

Diana said...

That is true, we can only hope it becomes a trend. I forgot to say how much I like your new panting.

AutumnLeaves said...

Goodness! I could swear I left a comment on this post! Love the birds, the composition and the ruffled feathers guy too. Please just don't publish this if I've already commented, Saundra!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

The kids are lucky to have you while you can bear to be there! Hang in with it just a little longer, and you will be as free as the little birdies on the light!

I love this piece more today than yesterday, Saundra. It's fantastic!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

THank you girls for stopping by! I hear you Diana...and thank you...I'm enjoying the birdies too...specially the fluffy windblown middle one! ha

I couldn't delete such a nice comment Autumn Leaves!! It is my fault that I put one that was nearly finished up yesterday! So, bring on them comments!! :)

Thanks SOO much Elizabeth! I am hanging in because I made a commitment, and because there are some kids who are really getting something out of what I'm trying to do for them...:) And...thanks girl...I know how you are about your birds!! tee hee!!

Nancy Standlee said...

This is scary about the texting and Ipods.. what are the officials thinking? Thanks for the first hand account.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

I think they "officially" say they are not allowed...and I think it is an actual rule...but it just isn't inforced...:( sorry to be the bearer of sad tales!!

AutumnLeaves said...

A blessing in disguise that she is coming back sooner rather than later then. Just as I expected. I have to agree with you on the schools. You've hit on exactly why I determined after one semester that subbing and earning my Masters in Education were not for me. The lower grades were not the issue; the middle school aged kids were the tough cookies. I can't imagine dealing with the immaturity at the higher and more stubborn levels. Says alot about our country too, I fear.

Dean H. said...

The entitlemenatlity is very distressing. Students act like a babied, protected, species.
It reaches beyond the boundaries of school into the general public.
I'm sure His Plan will be revealed in due time.

Love your bird painting!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

THanks for stepping in on this Dean and Autumn Leaves...I have interesting theories...perhaps for another day! HA...The birds were a kick to paint!!

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