Monday, April 26, 2010

"A Six Pack of Palms" © Saundra Lane Galloway

It was FUN to wake up today and get to work on a painting.  Today's pleasure was this 8x8" oil on gesso'd panel that is from a reference photo taken while visiting my wonderful son in San Diego a few months ago.  As you KNOW, I absolutely LOVE trees of all kinds...I think, aspen first of all, but palm trees come in closely behind as I love the random strokes that can come from painting the leaves...I've done em in acrylic, and oil...I think collage needs to happen soon...ooops...I forgot, I've done one in collage...but I need to do more!!  I usually try to paint odd numbers of things for composition sake, but the way these guys seem to intertwine it seemed ok to make a six pack of them!  I have a toe and ocean pic I want to paint soon from that same trip...coming soon!

Even though this isn't dry I've put it up in my website, so for purchase info please click over if you wish...:)

I woke up to more SNOW today and was soooo bummed until I went out back to say hello to our bird friends and saw these delightful little bird tracks in the snow...and just HAD to share!  Boy, if my "footprint" on this earth could just be so delicate and small!

HAPPY CREATING to you all...I know I am!! :)


martinealison said...

Hi Saundra,
Tout comme vous j'adore les arbres et vos palmiers, malgré qu'ils soient seulement 6! m'emportent loin dans le ciel et m'invitent à rêver... Ne changez rien...

Art with Liz said...

Oh my gosh Saundra, but you're sounding so much happier now! And this is a really beautiful Six Pack! You are so very good at trees!

AutumnLeaves said...

Oh...makes me want to be in Cali walking along the beach...Such a lovely piece, Saundra. Just simply peaceful...

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Martinealison, I found a french to english translation and am SO glad I have such beautiful ways to say things! Thank you! Causing this for you has made me very happy! Merci Boucoup!

Liz, I AM so very happy to be free of things that made me sad and concerned! I SO love to do trees...and especially when they are tied to reminders of someone I love!

Autumn Leaves...Makes me want to be there to my son! I miss him TONZ as he would say! Thank you for always stopping by!

Dean H. said...

Excellent strokes in these palms, Saundra! Just outstanding!
Love your thoughts on the tracks in the snow. Tracks in the snow somehow always get my full attention, too.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Ha, thanks Dean...I bet they do...I'm usually looking for the BIG ones! :)

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