Thursday, April 29, 2010

White stuff

The days I do the prep work and the gesso work and the lab work usually end with no color...making paper casts, sketching, gesso...all white...well, a little graphite in the mix, but white all the same...That was my today...important, but none the less...WHITE STUFF. kinda like all the empty space before the next few words here...:) only white...:)

AS YOU KNOW...I've been missing my I launched into doing paintings from our trip out to San Diego a few months ago to try to recapture those moments while I was close to him...and it has been fun!  Today's challenge for the San Diego series was my feet.  Have you ever drawn, painted, sculpted feet?  Have you ever done your own??  I gotta tell you it is a bit weird...Drawing toes feels like I'm drawing fat misshapen hands...kinda funny...kinda wierd...So, I'm showing you a pic of the pic I took of my feet in front of the ocean and the sketch as the beginning (every once in awhile I remind myself my blog is about process here is step one of the process).  I wish you could have seen my face as I was sketching my own feet...THAT would have been a great picture...well, for a laugh anyway...The only way I know to describe it is with a word and the picture that comes when you say it....ICKY...:)

I ALSO worked in my lab today; which for the new followers is my wonderful kitchen...PERFECTLY suited to a lab...L O N G cabinets in front of the mountain...beautiful view and wonderful sunny place to work (ahhh I shall miss it when we move!)...I made a couple of molds of stars for paper casts and I cast some stars...:)  I don't know what will come of this...but it is a beginning...MORE FUN!

So, here is to hoping you had fun today in whatever you created...hope it made you smile and not say ICKY...The April contest will be closing soon...I think only a couple of anyone out there who had wanted to participate you STILL HAVE TIME to sneak one in under the wire!

OH and a PS...for any of you who have followers who comment in other languages I found a WONDERFUL free translating site if you don't have a widget on your blog for that...thought I would pass it along on the white stuff day... try it...I have a french commenter and I absolutely LOVE knowing what she says!!



martinealison said...

Hi Saundra,
Très sympathique de dessiner ses pieds! Les vôtres sont beaux! En ce qui me concerne je suis complexée depuis toujours avec eux!
Je n'aurais jamais pu imaginer les exposer derrière de jolies lanières qu'ont les sandales! Et pourtant je trouvais ces chaussures tellement jolies pour certaines.
Depuis deux ans, un ami a tellement insisté pour que j'en porte que j'ose à présent regarder mes pieds!
Prochain défi, celui de les dessiner... Peut-être bien...
Je vous embrasse et merci d'avoir trouver ce traducteur! Bises

AutumnLeaves said...

At least you don't have hideously ugly feet, Saundra! Funnily enough, I was trying to sketch figures yesterday and my granddaughter was letting me draw her. She is 3 1/2 so she doesn't sit still for long...sigh...Still and yet, the most interesting part of the whole process was trying to get those feet. I absolutely screwed up the rest of it every time but the feet and the angles and the foreshortening was just beginning to come together a bit.

Did you find a new place to move to yet? (Forgive the grammar, friend!)

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Merci martinealison and Autumn Leaves...No place to move yet...still a little early if we want to stay up here a good amount of summer...

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