Monday, April 5, 2010

What to do, oh what to do with the SHOE

Today was back to school day after Spring Break.  I have to tell you 5:30 jumping out of bed was tough for me today....but I'll get used to it again.  There is something different about being SOOO inspired that I WANT to get up and paint, and the alarm jarring me out of bed to go to school to teach.  WHEW...even in the short two years since I've taught full time I've gotten used to what my life had become and I LOVED it!!  Oh well...gotta pay those bills!! 

SO, I had some things to do today and didn't get to paint during my off time like I'd hoped I would...and I MISSED blogging a new painting.  As I said, things will be a bit different from time to time on my blog as there WILL be days like I had I thought I'd share an assignment I'm carrying out for the teacher I'm subbing for.  She wanted the students in her drawing I class to draw a shoe...they are to draw it realistically...all the bells and whistles...all the shading...THEN, they are to morph their shoe into something else.  The example was a tennis shoe into an alligator...

SO, as a way to try to get my kiddos interested (I've got to tell you a great number of them just aren't motivated at ALL) I decided to do this with them like I did the portrait for the painting kids.  So, here is MY old favorite raggedy tennis shoe...I thought I'd show the students some pics of animals and well, just begin...I've chosen this photo of a giraffe I took from my recent visit to the zoo.  I plan to share my progress as things go get ready to go back to school!

I still want, no NEED to paint something that fits into my "OLD" life that will come again when school I can step right back when I am finished.  I'm sorry to say I'm already looking forward to THAT LIFE! ha

Hubby dear and I have some tough decisions to make in the coming months...WHERE to go...HOW to work and live...MY job in all of this is to be supportive, and to try to find a place where I can happily teach workshops which I LOVE to do...and he can still do his job...We shall see as the days pass what comes before us! 

So, lesson #1...The EXAMPLE and how it may be morphed...I'd absolutely LOVE it if any of you most wonderfully accomplished artists out there want to try this with me...You can be sure I'll share your efforts with my kids!! :)  Yours can be painted or sculpted or whatever if you so choose...AND, I'll add your name to the drawing for the contest we are having this month!!  Any takers out there?? :)  HAPPY DAYS!!


martinealison said...

Bonne journée parmi vos élèves.
Je suis certaine qu'elle sera productive.
A plus tard.

AutumnLeaves said...

Your title had me giggling aloud this a.m., Saundra. I could just picture you saying it, though I expected the dilemma to be different than what it is! LOLOL I thought for sure you were bound and determined to turn one lone shoe (which had me wondering why you'd saved it in the first place) into some usable piece of art - much like your repurposed sweaters!

Wish I could take you up on this particular challenge. Alas, just drawing the shoe alone is overwhelming to me; I'd get as far as the original teacher's assignment. Turning it into a zoo animal, however, would leave me just twisting in the wind on how to make it look like the giraffe!! LOL Yes, I am intense!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thank you both! HA. Yep...we shall see how I pull this one off with kids who are SICK of school and thinking!! And...Autumn Leaves...who knows HOW I could re purpose this!! My son wears two different shoes on purpose...:) Martinealison...I think you said good luck...:) And...merci...:)

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