Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another beautiful entry!


I was SO happy to get home today to see yet another wonderful entry for this month's painting challenge by Dean have to hop over to his blog...aptly entitled "Deano's Den".  Dean is a wonderful painter and he has captured this lion beautifully! He's called it "Crown of Gold"...YES! Just look at that light!  Thank you DEAN...and of course Dean will go into the drawing at the end of the month!!

I was especially glad to come home to some beauty as I had a less than fulfilling day...aaarrrggghhh!!  I try not to whine here...I'm soooo sorry, but today I just have to "cry" a little "out loud"!  I'm hoping I will be forgiven!!  I usually try to find the rainbow when it rains on my life...and I'm sure I will...perhaps tomorrow! 

As you know I have taken a long term sub job at a local high school.  I've spent weeks before the assignment visiting the school and the classroom to get to know the kids and to understand what would be needed from me in order to give the job my very best.  It is my personality to give %110 when I commit to something.  I'm not sorry I did that...Today I went to school to find an e-mail from the teacher who had the baby telling me she had decided to come back a month early.  No call, no pre-warning...just a simple e-mail.  On one hand I can understand the issue of finances driving her she stated...but on the other hand I felt a little kicked in the stomach as I had moved life around and set aside the time and effort to do this and was counting on the finances myself...WHINE, WHINE!  lol...with a little tear in my eye! :) The frustrated, and yes...a little hurt female in me wanted to say..."but you knew the finances when you blocked this time out"...but I only said it in my head...Besides it does no good to add to a plugged on today feeling a little disconnected and my mind was scrambling...Then I remembered I'd been praying for God to give me clear how can I argue with an answer...Perhaps He knew I would be too bedraggled or something...I don't know, and I don't care to question Him. So, if I can hold out my return to my "other" life will be early May.  yea..(she says in a small voice tonight!)

Perhaps it wouldn't have been soooo distressing if I hadn't gotten up at 4 a.m.  I was laying there and it popped in my head to check on the book situation with the paper company I've told you about.  I haven't heard a word...I "won" the February contest, but have yet to receive my prize, or any word....there was no March newsletter as promised that would announce it...hmmm  The little niggle started..."Oh Saundra...have you been too naive...did you give away the farm and NOT take care of business properly"...SO, I e-mailed the person I've been dealing with just to ask what was happening...and it came back almost immediately as undeliverable...WHOA...hold on here...embarrassment, feeling foolish, trying NOT to make more of this than I should...OK girl...just try I did...this one didn't come back...whew...BUT, in the letter I asked the questions...I'm just said you would send the mock up for my had a deadline of several weeks ago and still I haven't there a problem..."I hate to bring it up...I'm embarrassed, but am I going to get my prize for winning the contest (the little artist girl in me was looking forward to it)...your website doesn't have any lesson plans...the price stated there is widely different than what you told I this legitimate..?"  WAY too much groveling I did...EMBARRASSED again!  I never heard back from her...a FIRST...she always responded within hours when I was giving away the farm (my WHOLE original and new process) BUT, I wanted to write this to you all as a reminder that when, IF we create something new and careful, protect ourselves...Having said all that I will give this person a day or two to give me something to show me that I wasn't taken...and then I don't know what...hmmm...lesson learned?  Is that all I should do??  Don't jump to conclusions...perhaps several family members have been in the hospital...perhaps her computer crashed and she weren't able to get it fixed for a month...perhaps she is revamping the website to correct the information...perhaps...perhaps...I'm wondering now how many perhapssss should I allow before...what?  Hmmm she says again...Lesson learned Saundra??  I mainly wanted to bring this up here as a cautionary tale...IF and WHEN you brilliant artists come up with something careful...Perhaps this story will have a better ending than I feel like it will right now...Let's hope so! 

Happy Creating...and I MEAN that!!


AutumnLeaves said...

Gosh, Saundra! Dean handled that lion beautifully, didn't he? (I knew I shouldn't have spoken my thoughts aloud! LOLOL)

I am so sorry to hear how yesterday evolved for you. I can so understand your disappoint though. I do think God answers our prayers and needs, whether we always know what they are ourselves. Since I do not know of the legalities to your agreement, I really can offer no advice there. Sometimes great ideas never get off the ground (her side of the bargain) or face setbacks. Hopefully you will lose nothing but a bit of your time from the whole experience (at worst), or things may just be lagging a bit on their end. Either way, definitely a lesson learned, my friend.

Are you two still planning to move? Maybe the early return to work by Zoe's mom will be the right time and opportunity for you to work on looking for your new place...

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

You bring up good thoughts Autumn Leaves...this morning...some resolution...and feelin rainbow yet...but's barely 6 a.m.! :) Thanks my friend!

Dean H. said...

Thanks for the very kind words on my painting, Saundra! I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Thanks for the great challenge.

Regarding the two problems...Always know that God knows what He is doing, though most of the time it is beyond our understanding.
You shall find your rainbow...the rainbow shall find you.

philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God

1peter 5:6-7 6Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. 7Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

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