Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Single Red" © Saundra Lane Galloway

 Single Red
4x4 oil on fiberboard panel

Yesterday was a tough day for me.  I HOPE it didn't really come across like that...but it was...It was that moment where I realized that the teacher that had been with the kids all year had formed the climate of the room according to how she operated...and it wasn't me!  The kids were a bit out of control, and I was exhausted and down...whoa...way down...I wasn't sure if I had made a good decision about doing this...so...I went to bed like that.  I felt bad for my husband who was a real sweetheart...he made me dinner and rubbed my feet and told me it was going to be ok, that he believed in me!  WOW...a dream of a man last night he was!!  Thank you honey!! 

And so...I woke up this morning with the same stubborn attitude about life that has gotten me through a ton of tough stuff and went to school and got the control back!  YEP...I DID! Not by demeaning the kids or yelling or negative comments.  I just talked to them...I reminded them of how we are all different, and for ME...I needed to have things a little more organized and respectful...and all that...sandwich the "negative" between two slices of complimentary...and then I announced a contest for one who worked the hardest and was drawn from all those wonderful ones that worked hard and would win an easel...THAT got their attention...I talked about how we as artists have incentives...perhaps to win best of show...or we sell a painting, or we do a workshop and get paid...so I told them I wanted to give them a little extra incentive...WHEW...I'm here to tell you I came home a different woman!!  The students and I had a great day, and now we all have something to look forward to! 

As I was up this morning and was contemplating how I would approach the kids I woke to interesting skies...ONE pic I took while driving...don't tell anyone...shhhh.  I am so amazed and grateful for a God who has given us such awesome views to either calm or excite us...as artists it is the best present of all...SO, I'm sharing some of my views I had this morning as I awoke and drove to school...

Part of why I was so down yesterday is I didn't have ANY time to paint...I NEED to paint...it lifts me up...it fills my soul with endless creative thoughts and feelings...So, today I was determined!!  I only had moments between getting the kids ready for a district art show, and talking to them and helping them...and posting grades...and eating lunch...BUT, Single Red came out today...one of our 4x4 contest choices and will probably end up in my ETSY shop when it is dry...YEA...I GOT TO PAINT!!  I hope you all had a day that was as full of awesomeness as mine!!  HAPPY CREATING!!...and ps...don't forget about our painting challenge this month...the zoo animals that were posted on March 30, OR the funky show morphing challenge I've given my drawing students...Just e-mail me your entry at art4life44@hotmail.com and I'll put you in the drawing!!  YIPPEE!!


martinealison said...

Hi Saundra,
I find your red apple very nice. I think it is like your distress with your kids. You can't howl. Your apple contains all your anger.
You must eat the apple!!
I'm sure you're a very good teacher.
I was a teacher in the "conservatoire" and i meet the same problem. I wish you a very good day.
Your photos are beautiful.

AutumnLeaves said...

The apple just looks fabulous, Saundra. But then that is no surprise. Everything you touch turns to gold, I think. Do you have a computer with you at school? So glad you managed a way around the kids. And truly, those views and skies ARE phenomenal! God is so good.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Those kids are so lucky to have you for a teacher. Good for you for making the class your own without demeaning the previous teacher. That is hard to do. You are a good motivator, too.

I love your apple. The edges are great. Love the color and the texture I see in the lights. Nice one!

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