Thursday, September 29, 2011

REWORKING PAINTINGS, STUDIO AND LIFE we all know life is full of change and growth and surprises and disappointments etc, etc, etc...We've had those of late!  Our house hunt and pending offer came to a screeching halt as the information came in telling us it was getting WAY to complicated!  HAD we had the correct information from the beginning it would have saved us months of work and time...BUT, as life goes it tends to come in as needed rather than wanted...SO, we are putting the move on hold indefinitely and refocusing on life and work.  I had my 10 minutes of frustration and tears (mainly at all the lost time)...and then  began immediately to turn things around for the better...THUS the studio changes.  My space is I am re-configuring and changing things a bit so it works better for what I do.  New shelves gave me a more open feel and more storage space that works best for me...step number one! (PS...the big Raggedy Ann and Andy are a sentimental addition for me...I made them for my own two children when they were born...)

I am quite thrilled to have more time to get back to my art full time...or as near to it as I want!  I am already back at it with new paper cast molds...trees and my newest favorite subject matter...acorns...getting ready for a couple shows coming up.  I want to do larger paper cast aspen and a fun acorn piece that is mulling around in my head...
AND...since we are NOT moving in the immediate I have decided that Queen Bee that was originally done for my living room just didn't make me all that happy, so I am going to make her into a wonderful big 2'x2' aspen piece...I'm excited about the color, with a little bit of work it will be ready for trees! FUN!!...NEVER fear changing a piece that just doesn't strike joy into your can be VERY freeing!!
I have another tree piece that I will be reworking in the near stay tuned!!

AND, I can't help it...LOVE, LOVE this newest pic of my little 6 week old grandson, Paxton...This seems to be his signature tickles me to death...I miss that boy for sure!!  And his pretty mamma and wonderful dad!!
SO...I am happily creating and dreaming and's to you all...



Elizabeth Seaver said...

So sorry things fell through for your house. You show us such grace and strength when things don't go as they should. No prolonged stomping of feet and gnashing of teeth for you! I love that you handle it creatively.

What a fabulous baby! Love to you all.


Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thank you miss Elizabeth!...If we pray and get an answer, why on earth would be get mad! HA...God knows best, and as far as I'm concerned...He was watching out for us!...I love my little guy...thanks for the gushing!...and, LOVE to you right back!!

AutumnLeaves said...

Goodness! I am so sorry to hear about the buying house garbagiola, my friend. I always detest that red tape they put us through too. We're in for it ourselves in about two months. Oh boy.

Paxton is adorable!

I'm going to try to figure out how to comment on the new identity. It worked once and didn't work once. I don't get it!

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