Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Large Aspen in Process...

30x24" Aspen in process...

I almost didn't post today as I'm working large and it takes a bit longer than the smaller pieces...sometimes...AND, the light is not good for photographing, BUT...what is happening is important to note, so as I am dedicated to talking about process I wanted to note today's process.

If this were a sculpture I would say it is blocked and some of the larger shapes are roughed in...I guess that works for painting as well. I've been playing around with things a lot more than I usually do when I start a piece. I usually know more of what will happen than I have with this one. I'm having FUN! I first painted the main trees and decided I was too bored, so I put some papers in place and have begun to paint the trees on the paper. I enjoy immensely the texture that applying paper affords my aspen trunks...sort of 3-D effect if you will...however slight. Then I began to play with shadow color as I also began to lay in some leaves. The photo has a TON of leaves...I'm deciding as I go just how many I want to show.

I'm liking showing some of the sky color so I may leave that...even my put a tad back...who knows at this stage.

I don't know about the rest of you who paint from home, but I am still hearing the call of my house as I paint and plan the next one in my head...I feel very pulled in several directions some days...and today is one of them. My husband is flying home from a business trip and so I am very aware of the mess I've made while he was gone...oh bother!!

I am also accidentally playing with my computer editing and found some fun buttons to push that make the sunrise pics I took rather interesting to me...You would have had to see the pic when I started to know just how neat this is...(yep, that word dates me!!)...And I also wanted to show you the difference in my world within 5 minutes...You see the sun and the beautiful clouds...and then...the fog...Not took about 5 minutes to go from one to the other...WOW, what a place!

From one minute...

To the lie!! (well...about 5 minutes)

Tomorrow is my day with my friend you will see...again...a different piece when I return. Gonna learn a bit about fauvist portraits...I HOPE I learn that is!!

Have a great day!!


AutumnLeaves said...

I know you will have great fun with Carol; she seems like she has lots of spirit and a fun personality. I also love the point of view of this piece; it is as though you are looking up at the trees...A good place to "play house," which is what we used to do under the trees when I was little. Such fun it was to have a home in the trees! LOL Love hearing of your thoughts as your work through your pieces, Saundra! Thank you too for those dates to look at casting!

Art with Liz said...

I really like this piece Saundra! It has such depth - you feel as if you're being pulled into the trees. Lovely!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks girls! I think the brown/purply against the trees really helps the depth! Now to finish it! HA

Charlene Brown said...

Now that we're all looking forward to seeing how these already splendid aspens (as well as the venture into Fauvist portraiture you hinted at) turn out -- I hope you're not going to lose a lot of valuable time tidying up your house!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Ha Charlene...You gave me quite a chuckle!! Don't worry...somehow the house gets done...somehow!! I had a blast today playing with fauvist stuff...hope to post the results tomorrow!!

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