Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It is an exciting day in my studio. I FINALLY opened my ETSY shop for all those things that just don't seem to fit on my website, and as I spoke about in earlier posts I am also putting up our little 4x4 contest choices for sale as well. The only thing that will change for my followers is they will have to compete with sales and choose what is available. But, it will also allow me to work on the 4x4 list of choices more, so it is a good thing! NOW you will have two opportunities to own a mini...either winning it, or if you don't want to wait or take a chance, purchase it! You can either scroll down my sidebar to get to my shop or click on this title link to get there. I will spend the next couple of days in my spare moments adding items that I already have in stock, so "bear" with me...(if you've followed for long you'll get the pun).

The other new item is the heart piece I've been working on the past couple of days (in my OTHER spare time). As this piece unfolded, what I wanted to do with it also unfolded. If you haven't guessed about me before now I have a LOT to say, so this feels like the beginning of a series where I do just that...speak through images AND words. This first is titled "The Heart Wants". You know the rest of the saying..."the heart wants what the heart wants"...Seems very appropriate for me right now! I've wanted to use my art in a variety of ways and with the ETSY shop and the classes and the added avenue of artistic expression these words and this title just came out naturally!As I suspected I would, I added some buttons for actual depth and visual interest. They are from my grandmothers button jar, so they mean a lot to me. AND, I took a chance and used wax as my adhesive agent and sealer. What I LOVE about this medium is it not only surprises you with the fact that SOME items seem to sink into the wax and become transparent...but it also FEELS awesome as well! I am happy to report the wax did not diminish the color of my underpainting, and it gives the whole piece a contemporary feel...both literally and figuratively! I'm saying YIPPEE as I may have found a place for my paper casts other than painting on them!! SUCCESS!!

The only thing I would caution is if anyone ever wants to purchase this item they might want to NOT hang it in a place where the sun is direct all day long. I've had these wax pieces in the back window of my car for hours at a time and no problem...but it IS wax, so the very nature would say..."treat me gently"...OH...and don't scratch stuff off with your nails...(thought that went without saying...but I said it anyway). It is STILL hard to get things off, but I'm sure if you manhandled it you would be sad!

So, new things afoot today and for the future...Wish me luck, and enjoy! I did!! PS...I already have the color scheme and title for my next piece...:)
PSS...I couldn't resist to send you another sunrise from this morning! I can't believe I am just as freshly amazed and awestruck every day when I come down my stairs and this is my wake up view!! HAPPY CREATING!! (that has to be my new mantra!!)


AutumnLeaves said...

The 'art wants what the 'art wants is just fabulous, Saundra! I love this one, the colors, the buttons, and the wax...sigh...Just exquisite!! I love how creative you are and so admire and envy it. This is beautiful and I look forward to seeing your next piece too! You are just too clever!!! (My word is slysifi; Sly -sify - clever - sly...get it? LOLOL Or then there is slice -ify...murderous and scary undertones...and the imagination is off and running! LOLOLOL)

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

You make me laugh Autumn Leaves!! Thank you for such a wonderful appraisal!!

Nancy Medina said...

This is lovely Saundra and I love this new direction you are taking - every time you have a new idea you get another new idea! : ) hugs

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

I love that about ideas Nancy!! It is fun for sure! But, I can't give up my trees for long!! :)

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Go, Saundra. Go, Saundra! Will you have any goals to work on for February??

Good luck with Etsy.

I do love the little heart piece. How cool that the wax process worked with it.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

HA Elizabeth! As a matter of fact...yes...We shall see with all these new things! I love how the wax worked...I'm gonna play again.

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