Saturday, January 30, 2010

Playing in OILS

Today I had just a few minutes to play...My husband dear is taking me to see Avitar, we had to grocery shop, and I'm doing his laundry for a trip he is leaving know, the typical Saturday fare...Oh, and we had a picture session for Carol's 100 portraits...she needed sun on my wrinkly ole face...Here is one I told her NOT to pick...but it reflected my feelings after about 30 pics! (Yes...the older one gets the longer getting a halfway decent photo takes!! :))...

I find it interesting how DIFFERENT I paint in oils...Well, that isn't exactly true...I still stroke similarly, but with acrylics the edges don't blend and there is a lot of reworking. Now, I admit, these are from two different references...The Snowbird (acrylic) was from the side and in bright light, the newest little 4x4 in OIL (that I don't know what to name) (HELP PLEASE) is in a darker light...BUT, I wanted to TRY to apply what Carol said to me Thursday and see what it would do if I worked alone...So, I still have things to learn...but I'm thinkin the oil is so much easier in so many ways...This little 4x4 will be one of our contest give-aways when it dries!!

Unnamed Bird in Oil 4x4" on fiberboard panel with slots on back...

Snowbird in Acrylic 4x4" fiberboard panel with slots

Will I give up acrylics NO WAY!! I still need em for so many applications I do...But, It is nice to be reminded of oil and fun that I don't have to fight so hard!!

Let me know which one you find most interesting...and why...Experiments don't have much value without public input...:) Me, I'm a likin the oil...but my husband liked the acrylic version better...BECAUSE he liked the edges better...INTERESTING!!



AutumnLeaves said...

I really like the oils better, Saundra. I'm not sure why. There is just definitely more depth and a bit more realism to the piece, I guess. Anyway...Goodness. I can only think of "Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!" or "Baby, it's cold outside!" LOLOL And you look adorable with that gorgeous hat and those eyes!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

HA Autumn Leaves!! I like the oil one better too...I agree...much more depth!! Thanks for the thoughts...who knows, this one may be just Bird! HA...You are too kind my dear!!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Awww! I love both of them---birds! Real ones, not like the ones I do. You are having fun, Saundra! Keep up, 'cause good things are happening.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Elizabeth...coming from you that is quite a compliment!! I love your fanciful birds but don't sit still long enough to dream up stuff like yours...I feel good...I love YEA!!

Dean H. said...

My personal choice is the oil. But it is lit more dramatically than the acrylic fellow.

To differ with you DH, I like the variety of edges in the oil much better than the acrylic.

So, IMHO, If the acrylic had more drama in the lighting plus more hard, soft, lost, would be right up there with the oil. These are just my thoughts, I could easily be wrong.
I like birds...both are very well done.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Dean...I think what I LIKE most are the edges! It is SOOO hard to do in acrylics...though it can be done...just more work! And, I agree with you about the fact this makes me want to get in to the acrylic one and play some more...! I REALLY appreciate all the feedback from YOU ALL!!

Lokelani Forrest said...

Saundra...I like the oil much better. I think it is the subtleness of work and I like the edges, which is something I always have trouble with.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Lokelani,I think it is official...the oil is faring much better! I agree with you about the seems so much easier!! Thank you for coming on over for a bit!!

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