Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mound of Sweaters

Tomorrow will be my 1 year anniversary for my blog! It doesn't seem like a year, but what it does seem like is one of the all time favorite things I've done in my life! I've "met" so many wonderful people, and I've questioned myself, and I've shared some of life with you's been awesome...but more on that tomorrow.

A REMINDER!!...tomorrow I will choose from one of my followers and that person will have a choice from the contest items I've created. I will choose tomorrow and announce the winner at the end of the day, so my post will be as late as I can stay awake. I've decided that anyone who comments today and tomorrow about what their favorite post and or favorite painting was this past year I will add your name to the pot twice! Tell me WHY your favorite was your favorite...:)

SO, today I've set a little challenge for myself...I'm doing something with this mound of sweaters...anyone want to venture a guess?? Yep, this afternoon needs to be a break for me while I ruminate about things and clean my studio...NO, I have not forgotten to finish my large aspen, or the two small ones...just taking a creative break.

Looking forward to hearing from any who have time to stop by these next two days!!



Charlene Brown said...

My favourite was, not surprisingly, one of your aspen pieces -- well three of them actually, on the cabinet you showed us in your August 29 post.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks is one of my fav's too!! You are counted twice!!

Diana said...

I can't remember very many of your posts as I wake up in new world every morning......but I love your Christmas Day post with your son with his new painting and the deer.

AutumnLeaves said...

I think, hands down, my favorite piece you have done ever is on your tv stand, Saundra! That piece of furniture is so very gorgeous to my eyes, especially with the gel stains to further enhance the end result. I also love love LOVE Night Aspens. I can vouch that the colors are more intense and deep in person than they even are here! Anyway, I so hope that you aren't having severe cold temps as we are! Can't wait to read your blog tomorrow morning. I always love seeing your works and hearing of your thoughts!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Saundra, has it only been a year? I feel like you are such an experienced hand at the blog-thing---my sincere congratulations on such a great blog. Your outlook on life is so positive and joyful.

I love your posts about your son. Your pride in him and his evident love for you inspired me to be more mindful of my own sons and their gifts. You truly gave me something precious in those posts. Thank you!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thank you Diana, Autumn Leaves and Elizabeth! I'm SO happy there are things here that have inspired you in some way! As much as I love to sell my paintings what is most important to me is that I have given anyone a tiny bit of inspiration to be or feel or do something they feel is valuable! That must be the teacher in me!

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