Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life Lessons!

In a way I'm glad at 53 I'm still able to learn life lessons.  Had a big one recently...the end result has changed life a bit...but never changes so much that I loose my love of my art and the work it entails.  Marketing is a HUGE part of our job as artists.  There is NO way around it.  It takes a big chunk of time, but in the end it can be worth it if you don't give up 5 minutes too soon!  Remember that! I've been doing that a lot of late!

My visit with family and my grandbaby to come was wonderful.  I'm still catching up from that and haven't had time to paint...My fingers are ITCHING! horse head for my father's upcoming birthday!  And, on a panel, not in the bed...ooohhh, what a bad joke that was...and  no one who hasn't seen the Godfather would get it anyway...sheesh...well, it's early, so that is my excuse! HA

BUT, this morning as I got up and began my day I had an interesting dance with not one, but two foxes!  They were playing in my mountain backyard (which is a mountain) and they were kind enough to stop for a second at a time for me to snap these pics...ENJOY! 



Art with Liz said...

An exciting time coming up Saundra! I had to sing happy birthday to my two year old granddaughter over skype last week - I was so sad afterwards. And what an amazing place you live in! Great photos.

btw, your baby elephant is gorgeous!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

I know! Mine will be in Omaha...sigh...and thank you...I had a ball painting it!

martinealison said...

Ma chère Saundra, moi aussi je suis triste que mon petit-fils, Nathan, soit si loin... heureusement qu'il y a Skype, mais ce n'est tout de même pas la même chose que de pouvoir faire de gros bisous sur ses joues et de garder longtemps en nous cette bonne odeur de bébé... il a déjà 3 mois passé mon bout de choux!
Très joli patchwork de ce renard...
Gros bisous.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Vous remercier Martinealison. beaucoup d'entre nous sera éloigné de notre petite une aimée ! J'ai l'intention de visiter aussi souvent que je peux ! C'était un moment amusant avec les renards !

Deb Harvey said...

Congratulations on becoming a Grandmother, or I am called. It's so are going to have a lot of fun.

We live in a forest, and I know we have fox, out there somewhere, but haven't seen any up close. What wonderful photos, and what a wondrous morning you had, too! I'm so happy I visited your blog today!

I really enjoy your artwork...just love everything you create!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

WOW, thanks Deb! I really needed the positive today! And, for my newest followers I need to repeat...any photos I post are for my followers to use to paint from if they, have at it! I like to share the wealth!!

AutumnLeaves said...

Oh what gorgeous foxes. We have two that live on my work's property and I always love getting a look at them. I confess to putting out some dog food a couple of times for them over this rough winter.

So glad you had a good visit with your family, Saundra. Sometimes we need that time to just focus on them and take us away (as in Calgon commercials) for a bit. Don't forget my email address sweetie.

Can't wait to see what you do next! And have you considered a baby fox for your sweet grandbaby to be???

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

They were adorable for sure! I will be painting a bit of fox one of these days, but my sweet girl wants safari, they go in my files for just when...:) Thanks for being there! I have you in my address book!!

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