Monday, September 21, 2009

Beggin for Cookies

So, I didn't teach today, which was good because I had SO much to do...but I didn't get as much done on Damon's football least not enough to warrant posting yet. I'm stuck in the stands right now...the part that has a lot of LINEAR perspective...(insert a large sigh here). Yes, I know there are those of you who LOVE linear perspective, and I am SO glad for you...for without you we wouldn't have any buildings or other straight stuff...but for me this is a labor of love...gladly done...but it is taking awhile. Perhaps tomorrow I will be far enough to post SOMETHING of it. :)

BUT, I can't leave you high and dry, and I just had to share my latest little story. Last night we were on the phone with my wonderful son and my hubby was on the back deck. I saw him talking to something that wasn't the phone. SO...I figured it was a creature; and bein a little scared of most of the creatures up here I popped up and went on the front deck to see what he was a talkin to.

It was dark...I didn't really see anything, and I noticed hubby dear come inside, so I turned around to go inside and low and behold I come across this little guy or girl coming toward me. So, I freak out a bit...yes he/she is cute...but COMING at me...:) But, instead of running past him/her and inside I hollered for Jerry to get a piece of bread (I KNOW, I KNOW...not supposed to feed em) and my camera. Well...that went from bread to a cookie. The second pic is this little cutie looking for more...and when he/she didn't get it...HE/SHE BEGGED for another one!! I got the shot, and then scurried inside all tickled with myself for getting a pic to share with you all!! Which is exactly what husband dear said..."I know, you just wanted a picture to post on your blog"...YEP, he was right...So, enjoy this little interlude while I am painting...

Oh yes...he/she did get one more cookie. WHO could resist that little face!! more...I promise...:)

Happy Painting to you all!!


Carol Nelson said...

Laughed at your raccoon story. I would occasionally put out left over movie popcorn for the critters. One night there were 4 critters nosing around the bird feeder.
They are very smart. Near my house they live in Cherry Creek Park and to get to my neighborhood, they avoid crossing busy Parker Road by using the storm drains as an underground conduit.
I had to stop feeding them because I was worried one of my dogs (shih tzus) would encounter a raccoon and come out the loser.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Well, Saundra, you've probably got a friend for life, who'll tell two friends, who'll tell two friends...yikes. I'm stopping!

AutumnLeaves said...

I love your stories, Saundra. Sometimes I wish you'd been around when I was raising my girls. They could have used your wonderful influence (not that they aren't good kids, but some of their decisions worry me sick). Anyway, love the raccoon story. This one looks a little on the slim side so I am so glad you gave her some food. She is adorable! Can't wait to see how your football field works out but I have no doubts that it will be awesome.

Krista Hasson said...

They are so cute, I cannot resist any animal. You always have such interesting stories to tell, thanks for sharing them with us!

Saundra Lane Galloway said... all crack me up...and YOU ARE RIGHT!! I'm sure all the little raccoon buddies are going to show up now. We had SNOW yesterday and I see footprints in the snow this morning...Bad Saundra! So glad ya'll stopped by. I love telling the stories. I have a million of em! My family and friends are always telling me I should write a book. HA to PAINT!

Karen Hargett said...

Aww - there has to be a painting in those pictures.

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