Monday, September 7, 2009

Going through Withdrawal

Dad and Shell...(taken behind some of the colors don't show up like they really are)

Dinner the other night...YUMMM!!

This one rules us all!! (sorry about the blurry...Jackson isn't still for very long when I want to photograph him!)

My Momma!!'s been DAYS since I was able to post anything. I absolutely LOVE my new laptop...but there is NO wifi at mom and dad's and my newfangled (as my mom would say) laptop doesn't have a place to plug a phone line in so I can't do the dial up thing with my current aaarrrggghhh!! :) It's been great to see my parents...and GREAT NEWS!! My dad is doing better than we first thought!! We are cautiously optomistic!! YIPEE!!

Today we went to Barnes and Noble and I have to say the wifi set up is the best...easy!! So, I'm quickly sending a bit of something into cyberspace to give me my techno fix and to let you all know I didn't drop off the face!

Not a lot of anything but visiting and building a small retaining wall...but I DID find a painting I did of my dad and my little Michelle when she was just a tot. I LOVE the aspect...For years I did some from the back stuff to see if I could capture the essence of the person...and I was successful on this one. Michelle LOVED her "Beam" as she has always called my dad. The feeling was and is mutual...So, this walk they took to me says just that!! This is from when I was doing watercolor. I kept it simple and strong on purpose.

My mom makes the MOST DELICIOUS veggie dish that my dad can eat that I just have to share with you. It is easy...PRETTY, and delicious...All you do is take veggies (the ones you like the most) and mix them with olive oil (2 tablespoons for a 13x9" glass pan, drizzled over the top) , some salt, garlic/ basil mix salt, and pepper and put them in a dish and bake at 450 degrees for 20 minutes! They are awesome!! I had to include the pretty!! Oh yes...stir about 10 minutes in...:)

I always have to include a pic of Jackson the cat...he's still king of the manor! We love him...probably the MOST spoiled and pampered cat on the planet...but the whole family is guilty of that!! sweet momma always working in her garden...

So...I haven't dropped off the planet...just having a bit of a time getting on line...whew...I feel better after this little fix! I'm home tomorrow I'll get to talk to you then!! Hope all your days are HAPPY Painting ones!!


AutumnLeaves said...

So glad to see your post, Saundra. I've checked in each day so was happy to see this entry. I love your painting; such a family treasure! The veggies sound yummy too. Thanks for sharing the good news about your dad. He will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Art with Liz said...

What a great painting of your Dad and Shell. and it sounds like you're having a whale of a time with your folks!

Karen Hargett said...

Glad to hear the good news about your dad - hope he continues to improve. Good to hear you are enjoying your visit too - including building the retaining wall ;-) Thanks for the recipe - going to have to try it. BTW I've been using a couple of your photos for some pastels I've been doing - thanks for sharing those too. Have a great visit.

saundralanegalloway said...

Thanks for checking in you three!! I'm at the airport and have just 20 minutes of flight was canceled so on another one...whew...will be glad to get home! Glad you are able to use my photos...send me what you will be fun to see it!!

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