Saturday, September 26, 2009

"September Sunrise" "completed"...and night activities...

When I got up this morning I put a few minor changes to this little 4x4 (that is part of our contest give-away). Yesterday it had some texture to the clouds, but since there was really no texture in another part of the piece I took it out and added a bit of sun flecks to the tops of some of the trees, and played with the clouds a bit to have them match the piece. I sanded it a bit yesterday. Sometimes I wonder if I don't just give myself a reason to sand...I like roughing things up sometimes if I am not working in collage. Call me Saundra...cuz that's just me I guess...Now, it is off to find some zippers to finish those bags I was telling you about...and back to Damon's Memorial Stadium at some point.

SO, I freaked myself out last night. My husband went to see his son for the weekend and I drove him to the airport so I could spend a couple extra hours with him. That put me home after dark. Before I go further I have to explain that I have a VERY vivid imagination! All I have to do is think a thing and I can make it (in my mind) as if it really happened. WHEW (don't know if it is a super power or a nutso thing!)...I am quite aware it isn't real, but my imagination is so strong as I replay it in my mind it is LIKE it was real! SO...on the way up the mountain I thought to myself "What if a mountain lion was waiting by my back door?" (remember stuff happens to me when my hubby is out of town) That made it a spooky walk from the garage...but of course, no mountain lion.

Things were fine until about midnight. I had watched all the new shows and had fallen asleep all happy with myself (probably partly due to the fact I'd snacked on a little of everything) (and partly because there was NO mountain lion).

I hadn't been asleep more than a few minutes when I jolted awake POSITIVE there was a noise. In my mind it sounded just like the back door shutting loudly. I laid there for a couple minutes, my heart beating so loudly I couldn't hear any possible murderer/bear/mountain lion/ghost footfalls (is that even a word?). I FINALLY got up and tip toed to the top of the stairs and peered over the banister to see what I might see. Nothing...SO I creep downstairs one flight of stairs to the kitchen level to get a BIG knife and...DRAT...peanut butter sandwich pops in my head...Here I am, my heart beating in my ears and I'm making a peanut butter sandwich!

I decide NOT to go to the lower level to see if the murderer/bear/mountain lion/ghost is down there, so I just sneak back upstairs with my sandwich and BIG knife and to bed. By then I am WIDE awake, so I eat my sandwich and turn on the tv, again, avoiding shows that have words in the title like "scariest, maniac, dead, killer or Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (well...Texas is OK). I finally settled on one of the Klump movies...

Yep, I'm still murderer/bear/mountain lion/ghost. At least for LAST night...I still have two more nights to go...Sheesh!

Happy Painting to you all!! Hey...we only need 3 more followers!! I'm itchin to give away another thank you!!


AutumnLeaves said...

Well, this came out beautifully Saundra. I love the sun dapples on the trees and the clouds still look beautiful too. (Never trust a wannabe!) I can do the same thing with my imagination, however, probably wouldn't have been diverted by a peanut butter sandwich! LOLOLOLOL

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

tee hee...glad you find the clouds acceptable, and you are probably smart to have NOT considered a sandwich!!

"JeanneG" said...

Love the painting. Very striking. You sure wouldn't make it as a truckers wife. In my 39 years of marriage, I have been alone a lot. One time for a month. I would have sent the dogs to check the house and had the peanut butter sandwich. My word verification word is "housk". Very fitting except for the k.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

I'm laughing Jeanne! If I had dogs, believe me I would have sent day I'll tell the story of Jack the dog that I had for a week. I love the way life fits things in to match sometimes! FUN! And, thanks for the comment on the painting as well...I feel stricken my the beauty of each and every sunrise I'm lucky enough to see!

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