Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Memorial Stadium in process...still...:)

Today I was able to give about 30 whole minutes to actually painting. Anyone else out there that has this little glitch in their art careers? I'm laughing, because I know we ALL have this in life! It's fun to write blogs and paint and post...I LOVE IT! BUT, we also have lives and messy houses and cooking and shopping and doctor visits and, and, and!

Today I was expecting to wake up to 16" of snow as we were told last night before we went to bed...I even turned down a teaching job because I assumed that we would be digging out all day. I woke up to NO SNOW! Yipee..., first of all...and then...I turn on the news and all they say is the storm moved. OK...the tone of the day changes. I pack up my little promotional materials for some high schools I have targeted to sub at and drive them down to town. At least I should do SOMETHING about making money while I strive to work as an artist. :)

By the time I got home I had a few minutes to paint before taking care of other life stuff. I learned that the stadium I am painting is called Memorial Stadium. Glad to have a name. Today I continued laying in color in glaze form; building in dark areas, and colors and experimenting with laying in crowds from afar. Remember this is STILL in its early stages, so it will change (hopefully) as the layers are added. For those of you who have just started painting or just want a reminder...It is good to cover the canvas as soon as possible. This is so you can judge colors accurately that are next to each other, and it is good mentally to work this way...not getting stuck on any one area. It is a good way to keep from being too invested in one area. Think about the painting as a darks and lights and shapes.

I often just lay in color all at once, but for a couple of reasons I am working at first with glazes of color, one layer at a time. First of all this is a subject that does not come easily to me, so it is easier to work one layer at a time over the largest areas and I am having to work several days which means I have to commit a little at a time. Secondly, there are about a million (more or less) people in this and tons of lines that must be at least fairly accurately represented, so layers of glaze seem the best way to approach this piece. I' m sure if I did football fields on a regular basis I might approach it in a different way.

So, here she is so far...don't know if I am teaching tomorrow or getting up to, hopefully the progress will continue on a consistent basis. Until then...HAPPY PAINTING!

And...I intended to photo my sweet anniversary ring from my husband...but it was a little too tight so it is in the store getting re sized...Can't wait til Friday when I can pick it up and then I will share...


AutumnLeaves said...

I think your crowd is turning out fabulously, Saundra. Thank you for the mini lesson. Wish I understood it (I haven't a clue what a "glaze" is in oil painting. I don't understand how you can layer in colors (I mean I know what layering is, but can't quite figure out how one color doesn't muddy the other when paint is wet, or if dry, how it doesn't just block the color below...?) My oil painting attempts do both! I should probably go back to crayons! Anyway, this is going to be stunning when you are finished! I love the colors, the crowds, the excitement. Your SIL is going to be so happy with this piece!!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Autumn Leaves! It is still just a baby, but I'm hopeful! A glaze in oil is just a thinned down color...sort of transparent, but still some color...:) Hope that helps!

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