Monday, September 28, 2009

It's THAT time of year...

This pot was part of a workshop I taught a year ago on different things you could do with clay pots...The first was the most obvious...paint it...we went from there...creatures, bird baths...etc.
I don't know what this vine is called, but every year it goes from green to this glorious red!
Of course you knew I couldn't resist the aspen! My hubby comes home today...when he left they were green...he's in for a treat!!

Yep, It is that certain time of year that is supposed to be fall...but with the beautiful Indian Summer it is sometimes fallish...sometimes summerish...So, while I am knee deep in the Memorial Stadium painting (yikes...all those people...) (and, NO I'm not painting them individually)...:) I thought I would post some inspiration!

This is a fun, but odd time of year for me...I have a closet only big enough for one season, so this time of year I have tubs of clothes from winter...summer clothes in the closet (NOW with a couple sweaters too)...trying to slowing change out...It feels disorganized! IS!

I got to thinking how I sort of carry that feeling over to my paintings; well, a little bit. I want to paint flowers when it is warm...aspen when it feels chilly, and snow when it...well...snows! I have sunflowers on my table still...AND I have beautiful changes in leaves, here is my little mixed "closet" of inspiration for you...Some summer, and definitely some fall!


Nicole said...

It *is* that time of year, isn't it? I woke up today to blowing rain and gloomy darkness....

I think your vine might be either Virginia creeper or Boston Ivy -- I've got some around my front porch just turning red now, and I always forget which of those two it is. They look pretty similar.

Thanks for the lovely photos. I am particularly fond of the aspens in autumn (have lots around my place), and I'm working on the composition of a painting of them.

Can't wait to see more progress on your stadium painting -- you're crazy to do that one, lol!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Ha, Thanks Nicole...I'm feeling a little nuts about lost in the detail, and not a familiar subject...but a good exercise for an artist (I'm saying!). Remember you can use any photos I post if you ever feel inspired! And, thanks for the suggested names on the ivy!!

AutumnLeaves said...

What beautiful photos, Saundra. Autumn is my favorite season and always has been. The smells in the air, the changing colors, even the falling leaves (which I do not believe in raking as I think they make a beautiful lawn carpet)...Sigh...I know your stadium painting is going to be stunning; it already is and I am quite envious of your talent. Thank you too for the live aspen photo. I'm not sure I've seen a real one before, just always in paintings.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

I can tell you love Autumn the BEST! It speaks to me loudly as well...ahh the colors! And, you are welcome!

Carol Nelson said...

That is definately Virginia creeper. I've got it all over my side fence. It DOES creep and can be invasive. I love it's colors in the fall and the birds eat the berries.

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