Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Further along...a little, and some future inspiration

WHEW...this painting is a bear for me I'll have to admit! Again...the lines, the perspective...WHEW I say again! I suppose if I was a football fan, if I was a linear perspective fan (I KNOW...I'm harping), perhaps it would have been a breeze...but alas...not so for me! I find the challenge a good thing...but I find the time it is taking me to get to a finish line (or shall we say a goal post) is disheartening. I've done a couple little bitties to break things up, which has helped, but I don't like to leave a piece undone for long, so I struggled today with this. The photo is as bad as the light was...but it not being finished that is ok...isn't it?? :)

You might have to blow this up to see the things I did today...mainly block in the Nebraska at the bottom of the field. When I adapted this pic from my son-in-law the canvas was a bit of a different shape, so I had to accommodate and change the perspective a bit. This shows in areas...like the words...but I had to be true to the drawing on my canvas, so it will have to do!!

To get the perspective correct I had to lay the canvas down on a L O N G piece of butcher paper and find the vanishing point and draw my lines to that. When it comes to the field I will use this again to get the sections of field accurate to my piece.

I'm actually looking forward to finishing up the crowd...especially the ones close-up...the only hindrance is all the black and red!! Not my favorite color combo..(sorry Damon!) (Oh, I hope you don't see this in process...it is a present you know!) but it IS Nebraska, so I will be true to the fans that were out there that night!

This is probably the last pic I will post in process. I don't THINK I'm THAT far from the goal post...tee hee (had to use that pun twice). Thanks for all the cheering on as I go through this very foreign subject matter!! You are all great!!

SOOOOO...to give me some inspiration for the future I snapped this pic of a far mountain meadow I can see from my front deck...Perhaps it will be next...YIPEE...back to the nature I LOVE so much!!

Happy Painting to you all!! And...WELCOME to my newest follower...I hope you are up on the contest...:) Only a few to go!!


AutumnLeaves said...

Saundra, this is so very gorgeous, truly. Honestly, I don't see a single flaw in the piece. Not a one. I think your SIL is going to be over the moon with this gift. You are amazing!!!

DAVE :{) said...

Hey Sis,

I'm amazed at how many paintings you do so well in such a short period of time. For those of us who have trouble getting to the easel on a daily basis (or even weekly), tell me - how do you do it?

Also, what is the contest you are talking about? I tried to go to the "CLICK ON PHOTO TO SEE ALL CHOICES" but my server won't let me in, for some reason.

Thanx for your advice on Sunday, by the way.

I love you, Sis.

DAVE :{)

p.s. Sorry about Shadow - I never knew...

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Autumn Leaves, I have to say again, you are truly wonderful with the compliments. I hope Damon likes it, but there is that old artist thing...a little insecure, especially with subject matter that is a little wonky for me...thank you!

Dave! Thanks for telling me about the block you have on the contest link. I wonder if anyone else is having the same difficulty. I'll check into it. The contest is for my followers (which you are one). When I reach 75 on my follower list I will choose one from the list and those that follow outside and give a 4x4 painting away. That is all there is to it. As for the speed...well...that started when I wanted to still paint but was teaching...I learned to go faster...plus I get bored quickly, so it was sort of a natural progression...The other is that I began to think of my art as a job...so I get up and just get at it just like a "real" job...:)

And, you are welcome.

Love you right back my brother!!

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