Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Day in the Life

No, I haven't forgotten or abandoned the Nebraska football stadium...just spent a day working on linear perspective (my LEAST favorite part), and got sick of it for a day or so... So, as we were walking up the walk on the way home from church I kept stepping on all these little pine cones and felt a little sad for them, so I picked one up and brought it in to paint it. For me it is like cleaning my pallet before painting something rather complicated for me...

So, this is the day in the life of this little cone...Just a little portrait done on one of my 4x4 boards that I will put in the pot for our give-away contest; which is only a few away from the latest goal of 75. I think I will call this "Little Cone". The light is terrible as it is raining, but for us, for today it will be fine.

I'm also thinking a lot lately about branding. For an artist who wants to sell I've read it is important. I've talked with other artist friends about their brands, and what mine should be...still pondering that one...I do LOVE trees and all things tree...just don't know what to do with those days when I want to paint...OH lemons or something..."All things Tree" just doesn't seem to do it.

So, if anyone has a thought on the matter I'd love to hear about it. Must keep moving upward and onward!

Happy Sunday Painting to you all!!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

What a cutie-pie of a painting, Saundra! A painting found literally underfoot!

AutumnLeaves said...

This is simple yet masterful, Saundra. I love the way you've left the background white and brought the cone forward. Beautifully done!

RHCarpenter said...

I love it when an artist takes something simple/mundane and makes it such a thing of beauty. Raining all day here, too, yesterday and more to come today. Perhaps I'll paint something sunny?

RHCarpenter said...

Instead of focussing on trees, perhaps nature? Natural Brushstrokes? Natural Art? Just tossing some things out.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Elizabeth, are exactly right!

Autumn Leaves...Yep, I thought since it was a portrait I'd leave the background simple...the pic doesn't show it very well because of the light yesterday, but the background has a tiny hint of the purples that are in the shadows. Same effect however.

RH, I LOVE the way we get to interpret things!! You might believe this...but it is SNOWING this morning! Thanks for the suggestions...I'm going to add them to my thought process.

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