Friday, June 12, 2009

NEW CONTEST sponsored by "Pinky"

There is something about my artist personality that just won't let me sit still for very long at a time. I have to paint quickly as I get often get bored with what I am working on near the end of the piece. Yesterday I went up to finish my latest beach scene, and I DID work on it, but my eye wandered to this little piece and it was almost finished, and the bright color enticed me over to finish it. As I was painting all I could think about was that cartoon and it's theme song "Pinky and the Brain", or is it "Pinky on the Brain"...I don't know, but I sang it all through the finishing of this 6x6" cradled piece, ($70 available for purchase on my website) so the ONLY name I could give it was "Pinky". I don't even know what kind of flower it is. It was a tiny little thing amongst other flowers in one of my flower arrangements. It has such tightly knit petals...almost seems unreal to me. wandering artist eye is already back on my beach scene, which has some grasses from my back yard incorporated in it...

So, on to the next CONTEST! I so enjoyed posting photographs I've taken as a challenge for anyone who would take it I decided to create a contest centered around that. There have already been two entries! I'm going to post different photos about 3 or 4 times a week, and we WILL count the paintings I've already posted. For the next month'ish', anyone who IS A FOLLOWER (yes a sneaky catch) and paints from one of those photos and sends it to my e-mail will go into a drawing. At the end of that month I will draw names from that group and the winner will get to choose from the contest choice paintings and card holders. (I'm going to add more pieces to that list from time to time). The two artists that have already sent me paintings will be a part of this drawing. If an artist does more than one, their name will go in as many times as they do, the more you do, the more opportunities to win! The contest will end on July anything you get to me by the evening of that date will be entered! Remember my e-mail is Take a moment to scroll back to see the other photos.

For all you animal lovers out there this photo is for you! Or, for those who don't usually paint animals and want a challenge! I hope you have fun with this little summer challenge!


Gwen Bell said...

Love painting horses...thanks so much for the reference!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Anytime Gwen...I hope you do this one and if you do...send me a copy and I'll gladly post it...and put you in the list for the drawing...:)

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