Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've loved trees and our mountains as long as I can remember. When I was old enough to go off on my own, I would tromp about these beautiful surroundings and would find aspen stands and just pause and feel the beauty go into me. The peaceful feelings and the inspiration came even before I began to paint what I was experiencing. I remember one particular time I went up and decided to camp right in the midst of them. I'm so glad I didn't know a bear or mountain lion could come along at any time and grab me up...since then, living in our house up in the trees I've had experiences with both!
"Trunks" is the latest in my ongoing series of aspen trees. It is the final version of the other in process pictures I've posted in recent days. This is a acrylic and collage using some handmade papers as well as a wonderful piece of paper I found that just screamed aspen leaves! I created this one on a 12x12" cradled panel that is 3/4" wide. I've stained the sides so it can be hung as is with a finished look or can also be framed. I love the versitility of the cradled pieces for this very reason.
This is similar to some others I've created as I feel there are so many different color combinations that exist I am on a quest to grab as many as I see at different times of the year. I try to vary the size and shape as I move through the seemingly endless color combinations, so there is variety as well as unity in the aspen series.
A lot of layers went into this piece. I layed in color with paint and then papers were added. I sanded some areas to give a weathered appearance in the background as well as a bit of depth with darker colors showing from underneath. I have to say these are a joy to create and I never know just what the end result will be! For purchase information please click to my WEBSITE.
I am so happy to say we are only one away from the goal of 50 followers! The very next person is going to receive a canvas business card holder just for getting us to that goal! This person will be able to choose from the card holders after my chosen follower chooses what they want from all the contest choices. As soon as we hit 50 I will contact the winner of the random drawing and they will choose and then I will happily contact #50 and let them choose which card holder they wish! I really enjoy saying thank you to my followers just for tuning in! Remember my sidebar location for the contest choices is a bit wonky so I posted everything in the June 9 post, so just scroll down and you can see them all!
Happy painting!


Watercolorist said...

You tree paintings are always lovely. I feel the same way about trees as you. You work has a lot of depth with the addition of collage. A really nice effect.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thank you Jean. I often feel that something is missing until I add a bit of paper!

Dean H. said...

Great looking aspens, Saundra. Your collage approach works wonderfully!

sema said...

your trees look gorgeous!great paintings!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thank you all! I DO love the ole collage. But now I need to paint an onion for DSDF! Of course the trees are never far away though!

José said...


These look great.
I like the realistic textures.
For some time that I've been wanting to try something upon this subject.

Kind regards,


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