Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ANOTHER one of those days!

You know those days where we start out with a plan and one thing after another comes up keeping us from what we had planned?? Yep...that's me the past few weeks! ARRRGGGGHHHH! I know you've all been there! I'm still fighting computer in the mountains has its own unique approach and I haven't found mine yet for this NEW LAPTOP! Apparently I'm going to have to find another way...I'm working on it...AND problems are creeping up I spent the majority of the day on the phone and on the road trying to solve these issues...still in process...ALL THAT SAID SO I CAN SAY...I didn't get to put brush to canvas at ALL! Oh well...there is always tomorrow! I'm smilin still though, so no insanity yet!

So, another photo opportunity for any of you who may choose it for our contest. This flag is in my mother's backyard. She put it there among her beloved garden as a reminder that my sweet 20 year old nephew Casey Johnson is fighting for us in Iraq. She says it will stay there until he is home safe. I say awesome my mother!! Casey is the most wonderful young man. He gets a little information to us now and then, and mostly what he says is what we hear is NOT the reality of what it is there. Our men are still dying every day and the ambushes are frequent. So, for those of you who pray...please keep Casey and our other young men and women in your prayers...I call this photo "Casey's Flag". If you choose to paint it call it what you feel it needs to be called!

A reminder of our summer contest that will end on July 19 at midnight, so you still have time! Welcome to my newest followers! Here is a recap of the contest...All you need to do is paint from one of the photos I've posted in the past weeks; ANY PHOTO and send it to my e-mail, which is You can use your painting in any way you choose. The only other requirement is you need to be a follower. I will post your painting gratefully, I will put a link to your site and I will put your name in the proverbial hat and draw from those names and the chosen one will win a small contest offering. Most of the choices the winner can choose from I posted in my June 9 post so you can go there to see them. At the end of the contest I will most likely post all of them again so you can choose and I will contact the winner, get your address and send it right off as a thank you for following and participating! That is all there is to it! So, good luck and happy painting!

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