Sunday, July 5, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

Ahhh home again, home again, jiggedy jig! Funny story, NOW! So, we went to Breckenridge for the 4th to see the art festival and just relax. We got to our hotel (I won't name it for obvious reasons)...and the room was just about the worst room in the history of rooms. The hotel was run down, hair on the floor, and the toilet was leaking all over the floor...SO, we requested another room...AND, hair on the floor, wallpaper peeling...YUCK...and some other stuff...SO, we requested ANOTHER room...sort of better...but this one had holes in the wall and dust everywhere and the window was DUCK TAPED SHUT...oh, back to the holes...I was convinced that they went all the way through to the storage room which was next door...and scenes of PSYCHO went through my mind. BUT, it was so late by then and not another room available in the whole city cuz of the 4th, so I settled for taking paper and stuffing it into the holes so I could sleep without images of Anthony Perkins eyeball swimming around in my head. I ignored the dust and the bare mattress showing because the bedding didn't fit and went to sleep. We did however take leave of our wonderful accomodations to go down to lake Dillon to watch the fireworks over the water. We parked about 1/4 mile up the road and walked down and then realized we'd forgotten our chairs, so we hiked back to the car for our chairs. One the way back the fireworks began, so as we are tromping along we ooohhed and ahhhed with the rest. We got to the water's edge, set up our chairs and continued our ooohhhs and aaahhhs for the rest of the show...about 10 minutes. HA. Yes, we laughed at ourselves!

Fast forward to Saturday and that was fun. We went into town and saw the show. My friend Carol Nelson had a booth there and I was tickled to see her newest creations of aspen leaves and chat about her experience thus far. Her reports at that point were that it was a bit slow, but she had two days left. Hope it went better for you Carol! And, Carol...I'm dying to see what you do with Tyvec and Poppies...if you so choose to try it!

My husband was fascinated with the parade. I've included a pic of the part of the crowd we could see. It seemed like 10's of thousands were there...all crowded on the streets. Guns blaring, candy throwing and it went on for EVER it seemed. One local we talked to said it is called the neverending parade. FUN!
And, so this little baby was a cutie, so I decided to add him (with his parents permission) as my tribute to the 4th! Until I get my computer friend and expert back up here to figure out why all my thousands of photos didn't transfer from my old computer to my new I'll have to do with what I've just taken...:)
NEW, for obvious reasons we decided to come home yesterday instead of staying another night...:)...nice drive the rain...alas...and we get home...Remember we live in the mountains up North Turkey Creek...we are sitting watching something on TV and I hear all these loud noises...we assume it is the fireworks...My sweetie goes down to the garage to shut the door (our garage is about 20 steps down the hill from our house with woods between it and the house). He just gets back inside and I'm walking towards our sliding doors on the middle level and I see a face in the door...of a baby BEAR! There he is cute as can be just looking in at me. In a nano second I realize the noise we have been hearing is a MOMMA BEAR and her two cubs getting into something on our deck! So, what does a good artist do? I run for my camera...and realize IT IS DOWN IN MY CAR IN THE GARAGE!! OH bother...another lost chance! No, I didn't try to sneak behind their backs to get my camera...I'm not sure, but I think my hubby had to restrain me for a sec so I wouldn't...So, I don't have any bear pics to show you...except for the one I just painted for your minds.

YEP there is a bit more news...I'm pleased as can be that I've been named in Tony Moffit's blog as a top 10 blog...thanks Tony...and thanks Nancy for telling me! And, I welcome my newest followers. I promise I'm back at my easel tomorrow morning bright and early to see what I might create. The jury is out on my latest aspen piece...At this time I'm considering pouring resin on it as an experiment...and I might list it under my eye candy on my website...Still experimenting on combining paper cast and painting...You be the judge.

Use the photo of the baby and crowd if anything strikes you for our contest...Remember we have until July 19 to get any paintings e-mailed to me to be drawn from...( Til tomorrow...happy painting to you all!


Art with Liz said...

Saw your name on Tony Moffitt's site - well done you certainly deserve the honour!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thank you Liz. It was a happy surprise!

Carol Nelson said...

Thanks for the mention and pic in your blog, Saundra. I laughed again reading your account of your stay at the (nameless) Inn in Frisco.
My show in Breck was not very profitable but I sure had fun with a group of fellow artists who are also on the Daily Painters site.
Colorado is turning into Washinton state - I've never had so much rain at my art fairs.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

It was great to see you as well Carol! I agree about the Washington State!! At least you had some fun!

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