Friday, August 7, 2009

Bow Down in Process...

I think my favorite flower to paint must be sunflowers. Perhaps because they have so much texture, or perhaps it is the vibrant color. I had a few minutes before all the clean up from the trip and returning the rental car to do just about this much. I wanted to use a good amount of texture that I don't think shows up unless you blow the picture up, so trust me...or click on it to enlarge it.

It is always a little risky to post a painting in process because as you all know it can easily go down hill and be scrapped, but it is a little exciting...a little pressure to complete it wonderfully!

I think I'm going to call this one "Bow Down". It is one of my acrylic 9x6" canvas on board pieces. In the reference photo there is quite a bit more foliage behind the flower. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to include it. I've painted this one before in a larger format without the texture, so I have a bit of a desire to do this one differently.

Coming home wasn't without a bit of drama (I'm beginning to believe I attract drama! HA)...Came home to a new toilet! (That is a YEA!)...BUT, someone was in my room upstairs that has all my jewelry in it...Yes...paranoid me...after all the, yes, DRAMA, with the handyman I didn't want him wandering upstairs and in my room, so I rigged my door to see if anyone went in...AND, the tiny piece of paper I had in there was not just on the ground, but missing...and so is the diamond necklace that my husband bought me to wear for my daughter's wedding!! I'm not freaking out just yet...still looking for it...but as Pooh would say "OH BOTHER"!! As of this moment I am still going to believe in the goodness of man, and hope I just didn't put it where I always put it and this is all just a mistake, and perhaps a little bird opened the door and saw my little paper and threw it away to keep the house neat?? How does that scenario sound?? Hmmm...

So, back home again...jiggidy jig...and after the clean up hopefully will be able to finish my painting! Art is truly my peaceful place! Happy Painting to you all!


AutumnLeaves said...

Lovely sunflower, Saundra. I'm really sorry to hear about your necklace though. I hope you report it to the police as well as the situation of the 'handyman' being in your house while you were away. Hopefully the landlord's insurance will cover the theft.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

You are so sweet Autumn Leaves! We found out that the property management people didn't let the handyman come in...and I just DON'T believe the owner would do such a thing...known him for I'm dedicating myself to searching every nook and cranny before I say anything to upset anyone!! I finished the sunflower today...check it out tomorrow...

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