Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Challenge

You know how you have your day all planned out and then little, or big decision can change the course?? Yep...that was me this weekend! We went out for a little Starbucks and to get a magazine and just stopped by Ultimate electronics to "look" at the flat screens...and, yes, you guessed it...we walked out with one.

SO...that meant taking the old TV cabinet out to the deck and chopping off the top so the flat screen would fit on the ONLY wall that it would fit behind it, inside it, finding a new home for the things that were on top of it...well, you get the picture. I did drive around for 2 hours looking for a new TV cabinet before we decided to re make the one we have. Just didn't see what I liked...

WELL...the artist in me has a new to make it look custom. As I was driving home from my unfruitful search my creative side was churning around...ideas popped up and I was off and my mind that is...because when I got home we chopped and spent the next few hours setting everything up. As of this moment we aren't sure we picked the right TV...the blacks look like black holes...we don't think it is running at 1080 (not really sure what that is...but it makes a difference in the quality of the picture), of course that means reading the book (aaarrrggghhh) and fiddling with it. I am definitely NOT proficient in these matters...but I can read, so I'll give it a try.

To tell you the truth I am more excited about what I will do to this cabinet than getting the TV to work properly...In fact, I'd take it back and put our old one on it and try again another day when a wonderful salesman will come home with me and set it all up for me! Lazy? NO...just not too interested in taking my painting time to figure it out...ha!

So...this is the raw version of my next creative challenge to self. I wish I'd taken a pic of it before we cut it up...but you can get the had other stuff on top that hindered putting a 40" tv inside it...:)

Wish me luck...I think I'm gonna need it! What am I thinking you might ask...?? Yep, probably something tree...:)

Happy Painting to you all!!


AutumnLeaves said...

Methinks a little creative furniture making is a good thing! Good luck on getting the tv set up too. Programming anything always tends to aggravate as I never want to take time to read directions - or manuals - if I don't have to. LOL

joegrimjow said...


Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Autumn Leaves...I do love it on occasion...just a different substrate to me...:) Yep...we are trying to decide if we even want the thing right now! HA

Joe...I'm really laughing! Yep...that's me...

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