Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Still at it, but changes are afoot!

Day one for panels 2 & 3 went ok. I've just laid in the background and a bit of collage thrown in for good measure. As I work these panels it is always in the back of my mind considering what I will do to the cabinet as a whole. I've considered a green stain on the bottom and a cherryish or darkish stain on the top piece. But, I may decide to just stain the entire piece...and then there is hardware to consider. FUN stuff.

So, the TV saga continues. Last night when we plugged in the old fashioned dinosaur tv so we could watch the color started going out! My poor husband just looked at me and said "I hate this TV". Who wouldn't after having a 40" for two days no matter how bad the picture was...and to go back to our little 19" oldie. I laughed because today he said let's go get a TV. So...back to the store. This time we settled on a 32" Samsung with a Blue Ray disc player. SURELY that will work! Of course we have to upgrade our satellite to HD, but we can still play our old DVD's on the Blue Ray...

This whole thing made us realize how technology had changed SO much in just a few almost can't buy an old standard TV anymore...and now Blue Ray is upon us...ahhh life! Anyone wanting to know about the 480 transmission and 720 vs. 1080 and what size TV it matters on can always e-mail me...I'm glad to share what pittance of knowledge I now have!

Another new change. Tomorrow and Friday will be my first two days subbing. It's back to getting up at 5 a.m. to get to school and home by 3. I'm still determined to paint every day...but it will be different...Please be patient with me as my life changes yet again. It's still dark when I leave, so its back to banging pots and pans on the way to my garage. I still don't want to be eaten by a mountain lion...Yep that was a post some time back.

For those of you who get to paint all day tomorrow (if there are any)...Happy Painting!!


AutumnLeaves said...

You made a ton of progress, Saundra! This is going to look gorgeous. I found myself thinking that 't'were it mine, a lovely green gel stain would be my choice. But then I've been known to paint every room in my house a different shade of green. I have to struggle really hard not to do that! LOL Good luck subbing this year. I did it for a year and decided that it was just too physically taxing on me! I rarely sat down and instead paced and roamed the room any time I had teaching to do, which was most of the time. I'd come home just crying from fatigue and foot pain (I have fibro, alas). Whatever will I do when I have to go back to work???

Karen Hargett said...

I'm really loving this - very inspiring. I hope this TV works out for you. I still have a dinosaur of one in my livingroom - but I'm not ready to get another one just yet ;-)

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Ha, thanks Autumn Leaves...I'm leaning heavily on the green gel, but won't make my final decision until I've got the doors finished. Had a funny story about subbing...tune in later. :)

Thanks Karen, I'm really having fun doing it! So far the TV SEEMS ok...but the blue ray player...oi! Confusing for a NON technical person like me...

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