Saturday, August 29, 2009

They're Green!

It's been a little while since I re did any furniture. You'd think you could just strip down one thing and put another color on and be done; ha. There's making sure the color works with the wood you chose, there is new hardware, etc. So, I've got the stain on the cabinet. As you can see I chose a green that blends with some of the earthier greens in the paintings. I like it so far.

We had to sign up for HD TV service from dish network. It is complicated apparently. They sent a guy out yesterday. (The day I'd set aside to stain, so I stained while he was here). He had to replace our old dish and put a new one up. He called to me that he couldn't get a signal because a tree was in the way. He wondered if I couldn't cut the top of for him! Yep, if you know me from all my writings I was horrified! PLUS even if I was crazy enough to do it I would have to be 25' tall...hello Mr. Dish man...are you all in there?? Cut down a tree for a better television reception! That was out of the question. But, I sweetly smiled at him when I said it...So, he had to move the dish again. He did...Then he came inside to do all the inside connections and such...took out my hubby's office telephone upstairs for his phone reception...(I'm thinking I'll tell him after desert).

I had my new cabinet all figured out...what would go where...I was staining it. He says we have to put their receiver box with the new TV. Well...that messes up my plans...but I don't get frustrated, I just re figure stuff. Anyway...after about 3 1/2 hours the dish guy is finally leaving and I can finish my staining. I finished all but the top which I think will be a different color...a brownish to match some stuff in the painting and the other furniture. I happily left to get hinges to match the new cabinet knobs (see how they have a nature effect) (you can see them if you click on the picture to make it bigger) and 3/4" molding for the edges of the top. Came home with something that did NOT fit the profile one I took to HD that they assured me would work...and they didn't work. So, today off to Ace to get the correct ones or the spray paint to match (saw that on HGTV). THEN I can attach the top, molding, stain it all, add hinges and then seal the whole shebang!

So, this was the end of day 4 of the cabinet challenge. Sorry I didn't post last night...I pushed the wrong button on my new tv and spent a good little while figuring out how to get it back...aarrrggghhh! :) Happy Painting to you all today!! :) and welcome to my newest follower, Jeanne!


AutumnLeaves said...

That is just so very gorgeous, Saundra! I love it. Now I find myself thinking of a dark blue gel stain for the top...rather ties in all the colors and gives it that tree/sky effect. Of course, you gotta do what you gotta do! Are those hammered copper knobs I see? Oh to see it when it is finished! Maybe tomorrow???? Hoping hoping hoping...

"JeanneG" said...

I've been a follower for quite some time thru email but now I'm official. We had Uverse installed. The guy was here the whole day and had to come back the next day. I thought I was going to have to fix him dinner and get him a bed. Funny tho...he never used the restroom here. Must have a good bladder.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Oh Autumn are good for me...I have to admit I DID give the blue some consideration...but to appease my hubby and to match some other furniture I did it brown...It is fini...just waiting for the sealer to dry...put it back in place and then photo it! Thanks for being so enthusiastic!

Jeanne...I'm SO happy you've been visiting me...even though I didn't know it...So glad to have you "official"! You put us only 4 away from the next give-away! I hear dish man never went...or did he...we do live in the mountains after all! :)

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