Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pines in process

Yesterday was a long day spent cataloging my completed paintings. I usually try to do all the wiring and sealing and finishing work to my art as I go, but I've been a bit lazy, so it all piled up. This is to be one of the little 4x4" contest give-away pieces, but I thought I'd talk about the process as I'm finishing it. I am enjoying putting in texture on my pieces so the beginning is texture and laying in darks and lights. I have a bit of an idea where I want to put the largest contrasts from the beginning. Next comes laying in the trees with my papers. That is as far as I got yesterday. I love waking up to something in process sometimes so I can look at it with fresh eyes and see where I want to take it.

This blog is about my art and my process. Today I wanted to talk a bit about that. As an artist I strongly believe all of life is part of our process to creating. We are lucky enough to see the world as a series of compositions; mostly I love that...occasionally I have to blink hard as ALL I see is composition, and I need to rest...but mostly it is an awesome way to view the world. We also have the unique ability if we are lucky to use our voices and our memories; our stories; to paint visuals that we can interpret should we choose. That is why I tell my stories, and try to paint pictures in different ways. As a teacher I use all the senses to try to inspire my students and I find it helps. But, I also tell stories because they describe a part of why I do what I do. Sometimes my visualizations are too close to my heart to produce artwork from, but the creation is alive in my heart, and for times in life when things are too close that is OK.

Today I am 52. That is just a number to me, and not much else. It is a marker. To me my age more describes a marker of greater wisdom (I hope) and greater insight. I love that God gave me a gift of wanting to create art, and a talent I love. I feel lucky. I know my choices to work in different ways hurts me in a marketing sense, but I have a great sense of fulfillment in the ways I approach art right now, so while I am waiting and hoping for a movement to begin that makes it acceptable to collectors to delight in the different moods of an artist I will try to be content with the end results of my work. In my simple way of looking at life I see that we all accept that as humans we are different from day to day depending on what we experience, so I am frustrated that when we want to express our art differently from day to day it is seen as a detriment. But...such is life at this time. So, for today I am happy as can be to be an artist, and glad for all of you! Have a wonderful day full of creativity! I'm off to the Cheescake Factory and a movie!!


Art with Liz said...

Hope you had a magnificent birthday Saundra. I'm catching up as have been without a computer for a week. Love your teddy and the sunflowers!

AutumnLeaves said...

Happy belated birthday, Saundra. I loved your words and your thoughts. Oh to have your talent! Your vision! (Ok, I like my vision too, but it doesn't translate as well down to the hands! LOL) Hope you enjoyed that cheesecake and the movie!

Dean H. said...

Belated happy birthday, Saundra!

I agree with your thoughts about changing one's artistic direction. From the selling viewpoint to the creative viewpoint it sometimes feels like walking a tight wire.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

I do so appreciate all of your comments...Dean, I like the tight wire visual...Autumn Leaves...your vision is in it! Liz, thank you for always stopping by. I am sort of partial to this latest sunflower myself...:)

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