Tuesday, March 23, 2010


 Playing with sunflower possibilities...

The last couple of days have been ones of experimentation and exploration.  I've made the recycled, GREEN sunflowers out of newspapers...NOW what am I going to do with them???  That is FUN stuff for me...to play, to experiment with things...see what happens when I do this or that...Thus the bits and pieces and parts of things today.

As you can see I'm working on a couple of different things all at once...trying out my creative wings so to speak. 

I began by painting a fairly "realistic" rendition of a background in which to place my sunflowers, but was stopped...at war with myself.  On one hand it would be cool to insert my newspaper sunflower babies into this scene...BUT warring with myself as I didn't want to "faithfully interpret" the sunflowers with the strokes and colors to make them LOOK LIKE THEY WERE PAINTED IN..If I were to do that, just why not paint them...I AM MORE INTRIGUED with the thought of working with the wonderfulness of the newspaper...but WHAT to do...?  That is the place where I stop and look like I am just staring into space.  It reminds me of that new sitcom out now called The Big Bang Theory.  There was an episode where Sheldon was working "with" Rash and they were "working"...in reality they were just standing there, laying there...for HOURS looking like they were just staring...but they were really figuring, planning, solving...etc...I JUST LOVE THAT SHOW!!  Anyway...a bunch of staring has been going on these past two days...
hmmm...blackbird stamping...hmmm...

I will explore some more...I may paint out the "realistic" background and do something totally different in order to nurture my fascination with keeping some of these sunflowers as natural as possible.

The one that I've sort of painted I am playing with beads and such over a background that will accept some faint stamps of "blackbirds on a branch"(look closely to the topish left) , some stamping, and even perhaps some phrase of partial phrase...something about sunflowers being some sort of sun coming from the earth, or some such phrase...hmmm...thinking, staring...planning!  Somehow I feel this will become encased in wax...

So, thanks for letting me "stare" at you today...Let's see what happens after I drive down in a blizzard tomorrow to sub so my teacher friend can go to her baby doctor appointment, drive home in a blizzard and then hopefully work some more rather than fall into bed only to "stare" some more...mainly because I will have exhausted my brain just trying to get home! HA

Happy Creating to you all!!  I wish you were all here with me so we could "stare" and brainstorm and experiment together!!


Autumn Leaves said...

Gosh Saundra. I love what I am seeing so far. I know the thinking/staring bit. I am doing the same in re my leaf papers coming from you. I had one idea...but it is morphing into new ones...Sigh...these thinking phases can sometimes leave me frozen!!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Hang in Autumn Leaves...by the way they went out on Saturday so it should be any time!! Most of all HAVE FUN!!

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