Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LOTS going on!

Oak leaf with butterfly no name paper cast collage piece...WHEW
I haven't titled this piece yet as I think I may add words.  If you remember this was a paper cast gone horribly wrong...too much GAC 100!  To me, however, it became a perfect opportunity to experiment.  The result so far is really a "Cloth Paper Scissors" kind of piece that is perfect for adding other collage elements!  The butterfly was from a piece of paper that I painted on top of to give it more the focus it needed.  So...hmmm...what word...it must reflect the feeling I get with the piece...or perhaps a phrase.  I was reading a collage book over the weekend that talked about the value of adding words (something we all think in our minds when we do a piece!)...so I just may do that! FUN!  Again, I encourage any of you out there who are sort of stuck, or feeling a bit overwhelmed with life or what your art is doing to just PLAY!  I wholeheartedly prescribe a bit of artistic play.  It DOES heighten the creative senses!  And, who knows...you MAY just come up with something you like!

As the time gets closer to my taking over for a mommy to be teacher in town, and NEW FRIEND, my mind goes to things like lessons, and how to inspire, so you may notice I get a bit teachery; even more than normal; from time to time...hang in there with me...it's only til summer! HA.  AND, if the kids have permission I may just post a piece or two of theirs from time to time! That will take us all back to our early learnin days! FUN again!!

I'm excited today as my friend and fellow artist CAROL NELSON completed my beautiful daughter Michelle's portrait as part of her 100 portraits in 100 days!  You must take a moment to hop over to CAROL NELSON FINE ART BLOG to see my Michelle who is #61 of 100! I can't wait to put her next to her brother on my wall!  Thank you Carol for doing such a beautiful job!!

We had visitors galore last night.  As I was walking upstairs after school yesterday to take a nap I noticed a few deer that were taking a little nap of their own.  I giggled out loud as I'm sure they felt they were well hidden!  Had to snap a couple pics...HAVE TO SHARE!  We also had a visit from Rocky the Raccoon last night. I tried like CRAZY to get a picture of him, but he wouldn't be still!  And he didn't like the red light from my flash...so you just have to imagine...Rocky looking in our patio door at us...and then when we went out back here he came...around back...so we went in to watch him watching us from the BACK door...FUNNY stuff up here!!



Hi Saundra! I love your post today...and it's okay to be teachery....we all love that! well, i do anyways...because I love school and still pretend I'm attending! lol

"SOFT SERENITY"...those are the words I'd pick to describe what I see in your painting

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Ooohhh love that name...I'll put it on the list!! Thanks for letting me be teachery...(we should make that a REAL word!)

Elizabeth Seaver said...

I think of rebirth when I look at the green of the leaf and the butterfly....

You have so much going on at your house! What a busy, interesting life you lead. How is it that any art gets done at all???

Your daughter's portrait is beautiful. Carol has done such a nice job on both portraits!

AutumnLeaves said...

I think words will be a great addition to this beautiful green piece, Saundra. It reminds me of spring, new grasses and butterflies flitting about. Thank you for the wonderful photos too.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Elizabeth, Love the words you gave me to chew on!! It IS a busy time...I think I seem to get MORE done when I have more going one...some sort of strange phenomenon! HA My girl...she's a beautiful treasure!! thanks my blogger friend!!

Autumn Leaves...ALSO, thank you for the words to chew on while I gaze at this...:) And, you are most welcome for the pics...

Art with Liz said...

Oh my Saundra but you have been having fun! And you can teach me anytime! Love the deer as well and that portrait by Carol is awesome! Went to a demo last night and thought of you - she even set fire to the glue on one of her paintings!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

WOW Liz, I would have LOVED that demo!! Wish I could have been there! FUN is right!

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