Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Zoe's Giraffe" © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Zoe's Giraffe"
6x6" oil on textured cradled panel

As it turns out my trip to the zoo yesterday so inspired me to finish "Zoe's Giraffe"!!  I heard that Zoe's nursery was going to have some giraffe things and was to be a green, orange purply kind of color wonderfully fun little baby giraffe worked great as a fauvist painting! 

I am having fun playing with underpainting... so I gave what I knew the background's green color to be a red underpainting to give it a little more depth...and the baby giraffe had an orangy underpainting that I did allow to peek through a bit here and there...if you look closely!  I'm still playing with underpainting, and I find that I tend to cover it up more than I plan to......sigh.  Learn...learn...learn Saundra!! :)

SO...before I could finish little Zoe's Giraffe I found that I had beat my brushes to DEATH so had to go get some more...SOOOOO...all you oil painters out there...remind this acrylic painter the BEST way to handle the care and love of the oil painters brush PULEASE!! I sure would appreciate it!!

When the week is up I will be back in the classroom as Spring Break will be over...So, I want to begin a painting challenge for any or ALL of my followers!  (HINT:  if you want to participate and aren't a follower...just begin to follow!! :)) The challenge will go as previous challenges on this blog have gone...It is as follows:  Take a photo or photos...that I post and paint it...e-mail me ( the finished piece and I will put your name into a drawing.  The winner will get to choose from our contest choices that are seen on the sidebar of this blog!  That is all there is to it!!  This challenge will be over on April 30!  We will do a different challenge for the month of May.

The FIRST set of photos you can choose from are in yesterday's post...yep...the Zoo pics.  You can choose any you wish...IF you do more than one painting for this challenge I will put your name in that many times!! YEA...So...on your mark, get set...GO!! 



AutumnLeaves said...

Aha!! Well, I see I am already on the road to participating in your first challenge (well, maybe not your first, but my first!). How fun it would be to win another little Saundra Lane Galloway gem. My piece has quite a position of honor in here!

AutumnLeaves said...

Oh yes! I forgot to say how absolutely beautiful this little baby giraffe is! I got a giggle out of its unevenly growing little horns, much like children growing in their teeth! It's skinny little baby neck...Oh to be able to give this guy a hug!! That background is marvelous and I love how you've made this both Fauvist and realistic. No input from me on brushes. For my oil brushes, I just soak them in mineral spirits after I use them and when I am finished with a painting, I make sure the paint is out of them (by squishing them around the container of mineral spirits; that can't be good for 'em!) and dry them with my art towel. Then again, I only have cheap brushes too.

Dean H. said...

Sweetie of a giraffe, Saundra! Live your colors.
Just can't resist this challenge with the great selections to choose from! Count me in...if the good Lord's willin' and the creeks don't rise. :)

Dean H. said...

Make that "love" your colors! Lol

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Dean and Autumn Leaves...Don't you just love doing baby anythings?? I get such a kick out of them! Glad to have you both on board for the challenge!! Can't wait to see what you do!! That's OK on the misspell should see the reports I grade for High School...FUN!!lol and, then when I misspell their misspell...well, we just give up and have a cookie!!

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