Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"You Gave Me Wings" © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "You Gave Me Wings"
4x4 fiberboard wax collage
paper cast bird and a stick! :)

Later this month will be my mom's 2nd Joy Day, and my dad's birthday.  If you will remember last year was the year that my very vivacious and beautiful mother decided that she would have no more birthdays...but, she would have Joy Days instead.  Numbers mean nothing to my mother.  BUT, she wants to freeze in time this very upbeat and joyful person that she is...give joy...and live joyfully.  Thus Joy Day.  by the way...her name is Joy...:)  So, Hallmark has cards for every occasion, but I have yet to find a Happy Joy Day card, so I make them for her.  I've been thinking about how much FUN I have as an artist; how much I enjoy finding new ways to express myself.  My paper casts are my newest fun thing to play with, so I made a mold for this little bird that was inspired by my oil painting of a bird not so long ago.  I have two sizes of these birds that will fit very nicely in my world of paper casts and wax collages.  Mom lets me experiment with the things I send her, so I played with adding stain to this little bird to "age" it to go with the background...and even added a sepia version of my bird painting in the background.  Since I was little my mother has told me I am so creative and I can do ANYTHING...thus the name of this little 4x4 3-D card for my mom's 2nd Joy Day.

My dad is amazing to me.  At 77 he is still working as assistant Attorney General...or some such title.  He's THE go to guy when all the young lawyers get in a pickle...he is known as the wise one!  I don't doubt it!!  Dad isn't much for fame or titles...he is just a modest man that gave me a life that allowed me to feel special and creative.  He lives with my very energetic mother, and is always there for her as he is for all us kids and the grand kids...I love my father dearly and since he loves tea in the morning I put my Jackson portrait on a mug for him.  Since my dear mother wants the first of everything I do, she gets the first oil portrait I've ever done...A perfect pair for my most wonderful parents!

Have you noticed that we are a mere two followers away from 100 and that means another give-away is hopefully a mere short bit away!!  Welcome to those newest who have wandered into this topsy turvy world!



Autumn Leaves said...

You gave me wings is a fabulous title for this wonderful gift for your mom, Saundra. I hear Josh Groban in my head right now, in fact. The gifts for both of your parents are absolutely wonderful, truly. I checked out your paper and I intend to order some on payday. Fair warning, my friend. For some reason, your words have touched me deeply today. I adore this little bird collage so very much!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

SO glad it made you smile Autumn Leaves...I'm going to put some heart casts on ETSY before Saturday I HOPE!! Yep...just how I feel about my mom!! :) Have a wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

It's lovely when family are so close. I always pity the families that don't get on. Love the bird card.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks too!

Art with Liz said...

Beautiful Saundra! And now we all know why you are so bubbly and happy - what wonderful parents!

martinealison said...

Très joli espoir en regardant votre création... très tendre, mais attention plus bas le minou rôde !

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Liz, My mom is way more than me! HA. Gotta love that woman!!

Martinealison, I don't know exactly what you said, but it looks so pretty it just has to be nice enough for me to say THANK YOU!!

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