Sunday, March 14, 2010

Final Workshop Day

 Carol Critiquing my funny little red piece.

It was a FUN and very informative workshop with Carol Nelson!  If anyone ever has a chance to take a Carol Nelson Workshop DO SO!  Carol is one of the most generous of herself, her materials, and her knowledge.  I have taken this workshop once before.  It was a one day workshop then...but Carol quickly learned she has enough to teach us to take at least two days.  Carol was showing us techniques that she uses to create her beautiful abstract pieces, but since I went once before I was trying to glean information that I may use with my type of work.  I am NOT an abstract artist.  As you could tell with my "tree" piece from the last post I can't keep trees out of it...except perhaps with this little red piece I did as part of a challenge Carol gave us.  We were to use three analogous colors and black to create an abstract.  Regardless I kept trying to pull some sort of land mass from it, and wasn't really successful, but Carol was kind to me in my critique! PS...Carol's piece is on the left...NOW you can see why she is the master!!

I think the MOST fun I had was drilling holes for brads and such...and I learned a lot about adhesives, and pouring epoxy and different materials.  I enjoyed working with different things to use to get a texture pattern that I then applied gold leaf to...might be able to use that...You can see my efforts in this leaf piece.  Yep...had to put something tree in there!

As I left yesterday I was being watched by this little beauty.  She watched me until she was convinced that I was going out a door that wasn't threatening, and when she was comfortable she began to wander off...but not without a backward glance to say goodbye.  I will miss these visitors when we move!

Another exciting thing was Carol brought me the portrait she painted of my Michelle...I was SO excited to have her sitting there with me!  Now I am waiting (patiently) for the one of me...that should be a kick!
Next is to get back to work on my "pear series" of at least two! :)  And, waiting for the teacher I will be long term subbing for to have her baby.  She is going to work til the end, or as close as she can I feel like an expectant parent...waiting for that call that will cause me to jump to my case...teaching full time for awhile.  

 Pouring Epoxy over one of Carol's pieces...

I am determined to continue posting every day or as close to it as I can you may see strange things for a couple of months in between the paintings I am able to finish.  I told the students I wanted to work projects with there will be a little of that too...and perhaps a painting challenge thrown in for you all from some photos...So, I'm not going anywhere...just adapting to my ever changing life!!

WOO HOO!!  Somehow during my workshop we went to 102 followers!! Welcome to my newest!!  I will be choosing the winner of the give-away 4x4 and announce it in tomorrows post!!  YIPPEE!!



AutumnLeaves said...

I am absolutely intrigued by that last painting of Carol's in which she is pouring epoxy over it. It looks so natural!! And honestly, Saundra, I like your piece too. It looks kind of like part of a stained glass flower! I enjoy thinking about black plus 3 analogous colors; I'd do blues/greens/purples...or close to them, anyway. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I love trees and leaves so always enjoy seeing what you do.

Sheila said...

You are so fortunate to learn from the master herself! I am so envious!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

I wish everyone could visit with Carol Autumn Leaves and Sheila...she's quite a gal!

Carol Nelson said...

Saundra - I'm overwhelmed at your lovely comments about the workshop. I do not consider myself a master at all. I'm learning every day, as we all are, in our artistic journeys.

I do enjoy sharing what I've learned. As a teacher yourself, you know that preparing to teach a subject to others makes you examine the subject in depth, and thus increases your own knowledge.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Don't be overwhelmed Carol...after all you've been through you don't need it! HA. Believe me...I've seen your process...I've tried...yes, you ARE a master at this! :) The thing I love about teaching so much is not only is it awesome to help others, but I learn TONS myself!! ha...hope you are getting back to normal after all the hustle and bustle! :)

Nancy Standlee said...

Enjoyed meeting you at the workshop and you have a great blog post about Carol. I'll link to it on my next one. Arvada has a really neat guild.

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