Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Sunflower Lines" © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Sunflower Lines" 
12x6" cradled panel
Acrylic and paper cast from newspaper with vintage buttons

I finished "Sunflower Lines" today.  I added a few lines of sunflower to the top to complete the composition.  This simple piece turned out to be a fun one.  I added beads to the center to just bring a little bling to the focus area.

I then began to work with the raw newspaper sunflowers...playing with different applications and possibilities.  I enjoy the blackbirds stamped to the surface, and found more vintage buttons to give the centers a little different application.  HOWEVER, as I suspected, when adding the wax the newspaper darkened and therefore no longer worked on the dark, rather realistic background I had painted, so it is back to the drawing board for how I may apply them to a support.  I believe I COULD have sealed the raw newspaper with spray sealer and it may not have darkened the paper...but to be sure I will need to make more and experiment again.  Sometimes all the experimenting makes for a long day, but in the end to be able to understand what different applications will do to the surface will be worthwhile!  PATIENCE I keep chanting to myself.
Still not sure what I will do with these, if anything...The value in this was the lesson learned!!

We had almost 2' again yesterday with the latest storm...that makes over 44" for the last week in snow!  When it needs to be shoveled it is exhausting along with beautiful! Schools in the area were cancelled so I was home today working in my "lab".  Not a bad day after all!



AutumnLeaves said...

Always a feast for the eyes and much to see and learn over here, Saundra! The sunflower is exquisite, of course. But oddly enough, despite the seepage, I am really drawn to these sunflowers you've done here. I LIKE the colors...I am thinking these look like flowers in the darkness outside to me...hmmm...

And thank you for the tips for me on using my paper casts! I simply can't wait to start playing! (And I have so many course books to be getting through! Ei yi yi! Feast or famine, nothing to do, or too much to do!)

Happy subbing! Hopefully you soon have a week off for spring break too! Congratulations on the teacher's wee little Zoe coming tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

ooohhhhh!!! I love when you creatively play in your lab!...this sunflower is awesome girl, you rock! or should I say, flower!??? lol

keep on, woman!
ciao bella

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks girls...Still playin!! Next week is spring break...already looking forward to it! HA

JRonson said...

The collages r amazing, I love this type of work it's so inspirin :)

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Love your sunflower eye candy, Saundra! I'm so glad the baby came safely,and you are still in there swinging with the subbing job.

If there is one thing we experimenters figure out, nothing is ever wasted--neither the time, nor the product. The right project will toddle along, ready for your newspaper flowers. Awesome stuff, girl!

Pepe444 said...

Gostei muito deste trabalho...

Anonymous said...

I admire your energy in trying all these different techniques. Love the sunflower. The zoo pics gave me an idea for an upcoming exhibition at the Marin Society Of Artists on portraits. I had been thinking people but animals would be much more fun.

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