Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Momma Pear" © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Momma Pear"
9x6" oil on panel

For some reason I am up before the sun...way before!  Today was 3:30...I'm developing a nasty habit of waking and then my mind starts, and I give up and start my day.  Aaaahhhh life!  I decided this morning to make it work to my advantage by getting some things done...posting being one of them. 

"Momma Pear" is the third in my little series of this fruit thing.  I suppose I am hungry for fruit and for summer...and both go hand in hand!  I am READY!!

Dana Marie was happy to choose "Botanic Duck" as her gift for our latest contest give-away!  Congratulations Dana, and thank you for stopping by this blog when you have time!!

Since I will be soon doing the daily teaching thing when the teacher I'm taking over has her baby...ANY DAY NOW...I am thinking of creating a painting challenge or two for my followers and those who wish to participate...so be watching for that to come soon!!

I have been busy working on paper cast molds and will soon have more to show you.  As soon as the sun comes up I am going to be casting from two new molds I made...a sunflower and a blackbird...as well as my little beeper bird I created the other day.  You saw the small one in my post the other day that I made for my mother's Joy Day 3-D card.  The blackbird came from a cast iron bird I have on a bird feeder.  I liked it's simple shape with it's little fat beak, so I looked through my photos and found a bird that sort of matched.  The closest I could come up with was a crow...THAT led to some study of crows and ravens and blackbirds...and so this little mold that will be revealed in a cast came from that...STAY TUNED!!

I've decided to place my mini's on my website in a category of their own.  My patrons have mentioned they would like to see the whole shebang; mini's and all! YES!! I have got a few of them...so this will take a couple of days.

"Fruity Duo" will be added to my ETSY shop and website today as well...which makes the third in a series...a BIG accomplishment for me to do three of anything in a row!! WOW!  Now I want to paint a mini of grapes...to be fair...as they have only been the supporting cast up to now...:)

So, off I go to welcome the sun to my day...and all the fun creations that will come with it!! 



Art with Liz said...

Lucky Dana Marie and what an excellent choice she's made! Love your series of pears Saundra!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thank you Liz. I'm really enjoying doing them...unusual for me to stick with a subject consecutively for three! HA!

Dana Marie said...

Thank you, again, Saundra...I can't wait to see it in person! :)

I too love your pears...I really love "Grapes and Pears piece!

Happy Painting, girls! :)

~ Dana Marie

AutumnLeaves said...

Gorgeous, Saundra. The deeper reds of this piece is simply stunning. I am reminded of a mommy duck who waddles across the way with her little ones straggling behind her, all in a row. You remind me of me; I too am one whose head refuses to rest and it has been keeping me up later and later and still I rise at the crack of dawn. Too much I want to think on and do and see and try...Hoping you can still keep your energy going once you begin full-time teaching. I suspect you can and will, you little energizer bunny you! LOL

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks girls! Ha...the energizer bunny...hmmm...a funny painting! :) Glad you are happy Dana Marie!! Yep...I woke up this morning and think I need to play with the middle grapes...:)

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