Sunday, March 21, 2010

Playing Around with Composition

 I have several supports for possible finished works...I LOVE that they are all different..
one 10x8" 1 1/2" gallery wrap canvas
one 6x 12" cradled panel
one 8x16" 1" gallery wrap canvas
and one 12x12" cradled wood panel

The past couple of days I've been in the lab making sunflower paper casts out of newspaper.  Two things have come up in the past day or so that have put me back in the lab.  First, the book that Arnold Grummer is writing...As they are getting to the preparation for sending it to the editor stage I have learned that since it will be called "Trash into Treasure" the focus is on GREEN!  It will be coming out on earth day 2011...great marketing strategy I suppose!!  SOOOO...I've been brainstorming with the Grummers on how we can use my methods and create the greenest work possible for those who would like to do these type projects (not to the same level as mine as they said...) with the greenest materials possible.  That means recycling, that means other materials...THUS the newspaper casts.  I like the way the sunflowers came out, so on to step to present them in the best way possible...:)  RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!!  Second, a new show that will accept recycled work...again...THUS THE NEWSPAPER SUNFLOWERS!  SO, for me to take care of two issues with one project makes me HAPPY!! FUN STUFF!!

Today I am playing with composition for my wonderful little sunflower babies...I like different things about each...I have enough sunflowers and a blackbird or two for more than one piece... So far I've come up with three possibilities...probably more before the day is out...My limitation is that I must create work that has a finished edge to it as there is no time for ordering frames...Again, FUN STUFF!!

 #1:  8x16" 1" gallery wrap canvas...a fun idea with part of the one sunflower cut off ...hmmm...liking this one!!

 #2:  12x12" cradled wood panel...this could work as well!!

This could be a nice and simple companion to the other one...only I think I'd place the flower a little higher...add a stem...:)

I think I would have gotten further today except for the fact that some dear friends of ours...more like second parents were in a terrible accident.  Ben had 9 fractured ribs and a collapsed lung so we were off to the hospital to see him and make sure he was going to be OK.  Those darn snows...and they live in Evergreen...they just got plowed into! WHEW...glad he's going to make it, but his lung collapsed again while we were visiting so he isn't out of the woods YET.  His dear wife, Doneva is scheduled to have surgery on Wednesday for breast these dear people need any prayers and well wishes that any of you out there are willing to give!!  Can you imagine...facing a scary surgery in one hospital with your husband in ICU at another hospital!!  Kinda makes one feel blessed with their daily small annoyances doesn't it!!  I'm sure anyone who reads this will be pulling for Ben and Doneva...the two second best parent like people I know!!  Hang in there you two!!

For the rest of you out there...HAPPY SUNDAY CREATING!!


Krista Hasson said...

Wow! I see you have been very busy, I am really enjoying your fruits done in oil, excellent! Your paper making intrigues me, what a great addition to your art.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thank you Krista. I think I'm SO hungry for summer fruit there will be more paintings!! I am so loving my paper casts...I think because they are new and different...more ideas are coming!

Art with Liz said...

Wow Saundra, you're always so busy busy busy! Always something new on the go - I can't keep up with you. Love your cow and those red grapes are awesome!

Autumn Leaves said...

Hoping and praying that both Ben and Doneva come through with flying colors, Saundra. I hope Doneva's worries about her husband are alleviated by Wednesday. She really doesn't need more worries heaped on her. They are both in my thoughts and prayers. So looking forward to seeing these finished pieces. Each one leaves my imagining soaring! And I can finally see the sunflowers in the blank papers (not sure why I was having a hard time seeing them before! LOL I guess they just needed to be grouped for me! LOLOLOL)

Dean H. said...

I love the huge realm of possibilities around your newsy sunflowers! Exciting stuff!!

My prayers are with Ben and Doneva.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for Ben and Doneva!! I'll pass it along. Now, off to work and then to paint!

martinealison said...

I'm anxious to see more of your work. Great and best regards.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

THank you Martinealison! I am working on the newest right now...I too am curious to see it finished! HA Merci!

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