Wednesday, March 17, 2010


 "Mamma Pear" reworked and NOW finished!!
9x6" oil on panel

Today was another visit the high school day to get ready for my long term subbing...I enjoy the kids and have a blast seeing what art they are working on.  As I have said, I will still be posting...MOST every day...but the projects I put out will be similar to what they are doing...I told them we will work together.  The intermediate and advanced painters will be doing I will be doing a portrait...more on that later...

When I got home the first thing I saw was this little undefined pile of grapes in the middle of my "Mamma Pear", so out came the brush and paint and I corrected it.  NOW, these little middle children have a bit more shape.  I think they are happier!!

I'm getting in the mood to do another sweater remix, so I thought I'd show you the can see where I've pinned it...thinking of totally changing the line...more on THAT later too!

EXCITING NEWS on the paper cast front...Here you can see how my newest casts came out...The blackbird/crow is a primitave little thing that was taken after a metal cast bird I have on one of my bird feeders...I have some ideas for a finished product...and the SUNFLOWERS!!  How fun were they...I figured out how to put a bit of texture inside where the middle of the flower is and am very excited about how it came out!!  I'm thinking I like the texture on the one on the right...what about you all??  Both will work, and will be fun...SO, now to DO something with them...!  I'm thinking EVENTUALLY I will offer sets of the flowers and birds, as well as the hearts that are all done and ready to photograph and put in my ETSY shop!  SORRY I'm DELAYED...SOOO many things on my plate...but I won't forget!!

And...thought I'd show you our latest visitors...This elk herd was HUGE...but every time I got my camera ready for a photo they turned their backs to me...Hmmm...should I be insulted! :)

SO, as you can see...busy days here at the Galloway's!!  I hope you all are having fun busy artsy days as well!!  HAPPY CREATING!!


Charlene Brown said...

Lots o' stuff indeed -- what a fun post you've written! And lots o' projects to look forward to as well! Hope you find the time to show us your portraits and sweater remix, although I can't imagine how with the subbing schedule you're heading into... What's a sweater remix?

L.Holm said...

Wow! You have a lot going on, and are so multi-talented. Have fun subbing. That sounds fun.
Your grapes and pear are beautiful. Very cool to see the elk...from any angle ;-)

Autumn Leaves said...

I don't know why, but I just hadn't realized that you were going to be subbing long term for a high school art teacher. I just assumed it was a class full of elementary kids! That will be great fun and I am so happy that you will be able to work on art throughout the days. I find myself wondering if I can tell the difference between elk and deer. Not yet, I don't think. Great butt views there, Saundra! LOL I think I'm going to go buy some paper now (today is payday!)...

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Charlene...Of course I will share whatever I do. It helps me to stay on track while I am working at teaching...and, a sweater remix is when I take something that exists (like the sweater) and re make it into something else...for me...a different style sweater with other stuff on it!! :)

Glad you enjoyed the elk LHolm! I think from my observations...they are bigger...and their necks seem fatter...but, to me their butts look the same! HA

Autumn Leaves...You are so good to me!! So glad you are inspired to play with papers!! I AM looking forward to working with young minds for awhile...they are so innovative within their base of knowledge! I was just trying to explain the differences I see between elk and deer to LHolm...I'm sure I'm missing an obvious difference, but it is early yet!!

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