Monday, March 29, 2010

Grey Sweater Remix

Sunday was my crash day.  I don't often know if or when I'm going to...until it happens...Just needed to stop and rest and recollect.  It felt AWESOME!  But, Monday brought me back to work.  This is day one of Spring Break, so even though I only taught two days...I am glad for this break!

I walked in to my studio yesterday after church and wham...noticed that my little red bird looked like he had no eyes!  Don't know why I didn't see it I gave him eyes...whew!  Now he can see!

Beautiful colors on the snow this morning as the sun rose and scattered some pink about!!

I also had time today to "finish" my grey sweater remix.  I combined two sweaters on this one...I cut the line to make it totally different, and I added a bit of bling (though not shiny...) to the top...This happened to be an old earring that is leather or some such stuff...and I cut a disc of sweater to back it and bring a bit of the second sweater up top to help the whole composition.

My dear husband took my pic, but I specifically said no face in these!!  You know how it is girls...some days the face is TIRED! HA

Next on my plate is to play more with my sunflowers and to paint a delightful little giraffe baby face for the teacher friend for whom I'm taking over...or, more accurately for little miss Zoe...What a change you will see from sweater to bright colors in Zoe's giraffe for tomorrow!  FUN!

For those of you who were wondering...the story as of today on my wonderful friends who have had such trouble!  As we left off last time...Mrs. Friend had breast cancer and was due to have surgery on a Wednesday.  WELL...the Friday before during a blizzard they were in an awful car accident and Mr. Friend was critically injured.  He had 9 broken ribs and a collapsed lung.  The concern was for his heart as well, as it isn't his top piece of equipment anymore...So...Mr. Friend is in ICU at a local hospital...NOT the one Mrs. Friend will have her surgery in...THEN...their Son came in to be with them...He blacked out while visiting his dad, hit his head and was ALSO admitted to dad's hospital...he had lost his sight...They did tests...couldn't find the problem, but he regained his sight and is now on his way back home...SOOOO Mrs. Friend had her surgery and is recovering at home...radiation and all of that to come...Mr. Friend only JUST got out of ICU today and is in a room of his own and waiting to see how he improves...WHEW!  Do any of you feel lucky right now!!  I sure do...Thanks for your continued prayers and thoughts...I DO pass them along!!

So, this brings us to now...where I am typing and getting ready to sketch...HAPPY HAPPY CREATING TO YOU ALL!!


AutumnLeaves said...

Oh dear...That poor family! I am so glad to hear that their son is on the mend but I do hope he will see his docs back home and they can try to get to the bottom of things. Love your sweater remixes, Saundra. You have such a cute figure and these two pieces you re-worked of late are just phenomenal at flattering the figure. Glad you had a day to rest and recuperate on Sunday. Looking forward to seeing Zoe's giraffe!

Pepe444 said...

Otimo post
Axei bastante interssante o trabalho que voce fez... Sem duvida um trabalho muito artistico.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thank you Autumn Leaves...I will pass this along!! And...Zoe's giraffe is on the board!!...however my hubby surprised me with t a trip to the zoo today!! YEA!

Pepe444...don't know what you said...but I'm thanking you for stopping by!!

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